All about the structures of UNILIN panels

UNILIN and Pfleiderer are similar brands. While each brand uses its own colour codes, the decors are comparable. In terms of quality, one is not inferior to the other. Take a look at the UNILIN website.

UNILIN Panels is a leading producer of high-quality wooden panel materials for various applications, including furniture, interior decoration and flooring. With the original designs and structures of UNILIN Evola, your project will immediately catch the eye. Inspired by fashion, art and pristine nature, the collection offers you enormous creative freedom. An extensive range of colours and patterns that make a home of any house.

The brand is part of the UNILIN Group, an international company specialising in innovative solutions for the construction and interior design industries. UNILIN Panels stands out for its focus on sustainability, innovation and quality. For example, the company uses a sustainably managed and controlled wood supply, and continuously invests in new technologies and production methods to improve the quality of its products. UNILIN Panels offers a wide range of products, including MDF, chipboard and hardboard, and is known for its customised solutions and fast delivery times. The brand operates in several markets, including Europe, North America and Asia.

Its extensive product range makes this brand attractive to use for your next project. Its many structures (combinations) make it an interesting product, but also complicated to choose. More information on the differences between the structures and information on what to look out for will follow soon on this page. Ready to get started with UNILIN panels? View our product range here:

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