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Ordering cut-to-size timber; how does it work?

Ordering customized wood and board material is easy via our online configurator. Fill in the items and we will take care of the sawing work for your project. 

How does it work?

We offer sheet materials in two ways:

  • Sale per square metre: The best choice for single items or small projects. You only purchase what you need. This method applies to part of our range. Use the filters to easily find out which sheet materials we offer for sale per square metre.
  • Sale by sawn whole board: If you order large panels or have a project, this variant is the most interesting for you! Because you use the whole panel for your project, we can offer it at a lower rate.

How do you configure a piece?

  1. Choose your wood species in our webshop
  2. Choose your purchase type
  3. Enter the (1) shape, (2) dimensions and (3) finishes per item.

Our software provides the most optimal sawing schedules. This way, there is less waste and we can deliver the sawn items to your home faster, more efficiently and more economically. You can then get straight down to work on your project. Found your type of wood? Enter the required items easily and quickly via the configurator on the product page.

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