A customised display made of MDF or Chipboard

Displays are pieces of furniture that are made to showcase a particular product or service; hence the name display, which literally means to exhibit. They are widely used at trade fairs and in large shops. They are often used to showcase the latest or greatest products or special offers. In this article you can read what displays are made of and how you can easily order or make them to order.

Do you already know what kind of display you want and what you want to make it out of? Then order your customised cube or column made of chipboard or MDF at TOSIZE.se! Choose your desired material and enter the desired shape and dimensions! Check out our product range and get started!

A tailor-made display

A display is often made based on a column of wooden board material or cardboard. Cardboard displays often cannot be reused after use, but displays made of wooden plate material last much longer. So if you want to use a display several times it is best to make a display of sheet material. Displays made of sheet material can easily be made to measure because all the elements have to be sawn from a larger sheet. There are many different types of sheet material, which gives you a lot of choice for the look of your display.

Variants of sheet material for a display

Displays can be made of various types of sheet material. Each material has its own appearance and specific properties. We will therefore go through the possibilities.


MDF is the most popular board material in furniture and interior design. It is easy to process and is also available in many variants. Columns, plinths and standing tables are often made of a variant of MDF. MDF must first be well primed before it can be lacquered, but you can also choose a variant of MDF with a primer or an applied lacquer-bearing foil. Variants such as MDF Black lacquered can even be applied without further treatment when making a display.


Chipboard, also called board, is a popular panel material in furniture construction. Many table tops with a plastic top layer have a chipboard core, for example. It therefore lends itself well to making a display. If you want to use the basic variant, Chipboard Natural, it is still important to treat the material before you start using it. This protects the material against moisture and it also just looks a lot better. Particleboard Melamine-Treated White already has a finished top layer and can be used directly to create a display.

Plywood and betonplex

A display of plywood has a natural appearance due to the visible wood grain. There are different types of wood from which plywood is made, each with its own look. So you can choose which look you want for your display. Birch and poplars Plywood, for example, has a rather light colour whereas okoume plywood, among others, has a somewhat darker, warm colour. Plywood with a plastic top layer is also available. This is called phenolic plywood and is made to withstand rough handling. The top layer is smooth and finished in an even colour. An additional advantage of this is that this material can also be used outdoors, if the ends are sealed with an edge sealer. So you can also use it for outdoor displays.


OSB is a board material that is mainly used in constructions. It is made of wood chips and is very strong. The wood chips from which it is made are visible, which gives the material a rough appearance. This rough appearance is very popular nowadays and you see it more and more in furniture and decorative projects. An OSB display gives your stand or shop an industrial touch, especially if it is used in combination with MDF Zwart.

Making a customised display

You can easily make a customised display yourself with sheet material cut to size. All you have to do is put it together and finish it off. Certain components and displays can also be ordered fully assembled, so all you have to do is finish it off! You can read about all the possibilities here.

Customising a display
You can easily make a display to size yourself. Based on the sketch you have made, you can easily order plate material with the right dimensions. When ordering, you can even have a mitre edge applied to the end edges for an invisible connection! The great advantage of ordering separate materials for a display is that it is easier to transport the display to the place where you are going to use it. Are you going to a trade fair, for example? Then it is quite impractical to carry entire displays. If you only take the materials, that saves a lot of loading space, isn't it handy? For larger displays, it is recommended to reinforce the construction with ribs. You can do this by gluing thin strips of wood to the corners. These slats can be ordered in the webshop.

Do you want to order a board display? Board is often used to refer to chipboard Intended. Are you looking for a display made of, for example, hardboard or lacquerboard? These are often different types of displays than the ones we sell. A board display is often used to print posters or to use as a notice board. You can make a board display yourself by ordering all the components to size from us.

Ordering a tailor-made display
Of course, you can also order a pre-assembled display. These displays are made of MDF Natural, MDF Paint Carrier, MDF Black Water-resistant, Mulitplex populier interieur, Underlayment Finnish Spruce snd OSB. The standard thickness of the plate material is 9 mm, which is more than sufficient for many applications. If the construction is larger than average, we will place reinforcing ribs. You can also choose from other thicknesses, the current range can be found in our webshop. You can order a customised display by selecting the desired 3D shape during the ordering process. You can choose from various cubes and pillars (plinths), all of which can be ordered in your own dimensions. If you have entered all the details of your desired display you will see immediately what the price of your display is.

Finishing your customised display
A display is often finished before it is used. Displays of, for instance, MDF Paint Carrier, Multiplex, Underlayment and OSB only have to be finished after mounting. Displays made of, for instance, clear or moisture-resistant MDF have to be primed first. If you make a display of chipboard, it is also very important to prime the material first. Do you work with Betonplex, Furniture panel or laminated chipboard? Then you do not need to finish the material.

Order your customised display!

Are you going to make a display yourself or are you looking for a customised assembled display? Then TOSIZE.se is the place to be! With us you can easily order all the parts for your custom display, fully cut to size and, if you want, finished with a neat mitred edge! Don't have the time or feel like assembling your display? Then order a custom display by ordering a 3D shape made of sheet material! With us you can have displays made of, among others MDF, Plywood, Underlayment and OSB. If you are going to make a display yourself, there are many more materials to choose from! Take a look in our webshop for the current offer and start your new job!

A customised display made of MDF or Chipboard is easy to order at TOSIZE.se. Choose from the list of supported board materials and indicate the shape you want when ordering.

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