All about boards with wood grain

Would you like to order board material with wood grain, but don't know what to look for? Or do you have doubts about how to order it? We are here for you! In this article you can read all about wood grains! Don't wait any longer and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of wood. Be inspired and start working.

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What is a wood grain?

A wood grain is found on solid wood. Whether wood planks or boards made from several pieces of solid wood. The grain is another name for the wood's vessels and is something other than the drawing or the grain of wood. The wood grain is most noticeable in the structure of the wood. Wood with a coarse grain, for example ash, has a clearly perceptible structure. Beech wood, for example, has a fine grain and therefore feels much smoother. If solid wood bends or warps, this always happens on the grain of the wood. Therefore, in construction projects, it is important to take into account the direction of the grain of your material.

Direction of the wood grain

Wood can warp at the grain. This can happen, for example, when wood comes into contact with moisture or when there are many temperature differences. To prevent this, the direction of the wood grain is often taken into account during DIY. If you are working with wooden planks, for example, it is recommended to work with the grain direction outwards. If the material warps then, it will be hollow and not bulging. This can be countered more easily than boards that curve by screwing or nailing the boards to the sides. In the case of boards consisting of several pieces of solid wood, such as timber panels and plywood, these pieces are glued together crosswise. This means that the grain of each piece runs in the opposite direction, which greatly reduces the warping of the material.

What do I need to look out for?

When working with board material with a grain, there are a number of things you should pay attention to in order to get a good result. This applies to both structural quality and visual quality of your project. These are the most important things to look out for:

Finish the material well

As we have already mentioned, the wood grain causes solid wood boards to warp. Cross-laminating already greatly reduces the effect of warping, but to protect your material even better, a thorough finish is highly recommended. If you do not want the appearance of the wood to be visible in your final project, a primer is a good option. This primer covers the wood nicely, protects it and makes repainting much easier. Do you still want the wood to be visible? Then you can use a transparent varnish. Make sure that the varnish covers the material well.

Even direction of grain

The wood grain and wood structure always run in a certain direction. With most boards, this is in the direction of the long sides. If you use several boards with wood grains in a project, it is of course important that the grains run in the same direction, otherwise the end result can be very messy. So always pay attention when you have woodgrain boards sawn to size, because the longest side of your material does not always have to be equal to the long side of the board from which it will be sawn. So always make sure that the dimensions of your longest side are filled in with the longest side in the order tool.

Flexible plywood

For flexible plywood, the wood grain is used to make the material flexible. This grain can run either in the direction of the long sides or in the direction of the short sides. This is indicated by the terms Long and Short. Bendable plywood with the grain running in the direction of the long sides (Lang) is bendable over the width of the sheet. Ideal for a pillar, for example. Flexible plywood with the grain running to the broad sides (Diagonal) is flexible over the length of the panel. You can use this for a counter, for example.

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