The IKEA BESTÅ cabinets are perfect as a TV cabinet, wardrobe or wall unit. But, like many products from the Swedish furniture giant, they are a bit boring. So it's time to hack up your IKEA BESTÅ. Our handymen went ahead and share their examples with you in this article. See what you can do with your IKEA BESTÅ cabinets here and use it for your own hack!


The IKEA BESTÅ system consists of cabinets, wall units and accessories. It is used as TV furniture, for example, and you can easily combine different parts. But, sometimes you want something different in terms of design or practicality. So our handymen got to work and came up with these great IKEA BESTÅ hacks.

For the examples in this article, we'll tell you exactly which houtsoorten were used for the hack. All our handymen ordered custom wood for these hacks from TOSIZE.se. Indeed, with us you buy precisely cut material in many forms and finishes. We simply deliver the wood to your home. That makes your job a lot easier.

IKEA BESTÅ TV furniture with rustic oak

To give the somewhat dull-looking, white IKEA BESTÅ TV furniture some more colour, handyman Robert ordered a rustiek eiken panel from us. He treated the panel with white wash stain for a sleek and warm effect. This way, the furniture matches his dining table better and the whole interior becomes more unified.

TV cabinet with oak rustic carpentry panel, by Robert

Plywood frame for IKEA BESTÅ cupboard

Handyman Thomas thought his IKEA BESTA cupboard was a bit boring. We can relate. His solution: convert the cabinet with a hip and contemporary plywood birch shelf. He made the surround a bit deeper than the cupboard itself, so that the doors fall nicely inside.

The wood has been sanded and varnished. Want to know exactly how Thomas tackled this IKEA hack? Check out his DIY project.

Plywood conversion Ikea Besta cabinet, by Thomas

IKEA BESTÅ blocks for collapsible music studio

If you have a music studio, it's fine to hack two IKEA BESTÅ cabinets to turn them into something beautiful. Handyman Wesley came up with this swivelling and collapsible desk. Really ingeniously done, because folded down it looks like a really neat wall cabinet.

For this project, he ordered 8 custom-sawn vuren timmerpanelen from TOSIZE.se. At the DIY project, Wesley explains exactly how he went about this hack.

Rotating desk for a music studio, by Wessel

Long bench made of BESTÅ cabinet and oak joinery panels

Why couldn't a BESTÅ cabinet be a 6-metre-long sofa? That's what handyman Rik thought when he ordered oak joinery panels from us for this IKEA hack. This hack is used not only as a bench, but also as a play table for the kids and, of course, as storage space. Ideal!

The BESTÅ cabinets are slightly raised with a framework of lath and reinforced inside. The eiken timmerpaneel has been impregnated with extra matt lacquer. It turned out to be a very nice hack!

Long oak bench homemade, by Rik

IKEA BESTÅ becomes television cabinet and play table

Handyman Tim used his IKEA BESTÅ cabinets as the basis for a large TV cabinet that also serves as a play table. It holds a television and his little son can enjoy playing on it. He used two long pieces cut to size MDF natural for this hack.

Tim treated the MDF well before use and painted it a nice colour. He joined the boards together with wooden dowels. He then sealed the joint, filled it with wood filler, sanded it, primed it and painted it. Thorough work, then, for this lovely hack!

IKEA hack: TV furniture top plate and study side desk made of MDF, by Tim

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Getting started with your homemade IKEA BESTÅ hacks

Have the examples in this article been able to inspire you to create your own, original IKEA BESTÅ hack? That would be a lot of fun! Of course, we would then also appreciate it if you would share your DIY project with us and other handymen. Then you in turn can inspire someone else!

You can order the sheet material for this hack with millimetre precision from TOSIZE.se.

Then you will get it delivered to your home perfectly sized. That saves a lot of mess and sawing stress!

Have fun hacking your IKEA BESTÅ!

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