Making a slide out of concrete plywood

A slide made of Betonplex ensures endless fun. However, there are a number of points to consider before starting this job. Read everything you need to know about Concrete Plywood for a slide or playground equipment.

What is Betonplex

Concrete plywood is a real powerhouse! It consists of plywood with a plastic layer on top and underneath, which makes the board suitable for many applications. The sheet is suitable for intensive use, which makes it the perfect material for making a slide or playground equipment.

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Applications of Concrete Plywood

Due to the plastic layer on both sides, Betonplex can take a beating. Betonplex is mainly used for formwork to pour concrete into. This is also the reason for its name. Betonplex Birch is mainly used for this purpose because the sheet is very flat. But because the plastic layer is very strong and waterproof, it can also be used for other applications. Think for example of upholstery for a company car, animal shelter, playground equipment or even a slide.

What is Betonplex made of?

Concrete plywood consists of plywood with a special plastic layer (phenol) on top and underneath. This is a smooth and water-resistant layer, so that the board can be used for applications. The inner plywood layer is made of birch, spruce or hardwood. The plywood is usually glued water-resistant, but despite this, it is still important to treat the ends with an edge sealer when placing the slide or playground equipment outside.

Making a slide out of concrete plywood

A slide provides endless fun in the playground. What fun will it be when your child can romp around on a slide at home? A slide to get out of bed for example, or a slide to turn the height difference in the garden into an element of play.

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A slide for indoors or outdoors

At you will find betonplex in various types and thicknesses.We have Betonplex Hardwood, Betonplex Anti-skid, Betonplex Birch Dark Brown and Betonplex Birch White. Each variant has specific properties. When you are looking for a Betonplex to use as an indoor slide, the Birch variants in dark brown, white or black are the most suitable. Betonplex does not need to be finished when used indoors.

Do you place the slide of Betonplex outside? Choose for Betonplex Birch for a long life span. The plywood is glued water-resistant but despite that, it is still important to treat the head edges of Betonplex Hardwood with an edge sealer, so that the moisture-resistant properties are enhanced. Read more about the treatment of the ends.

The slide at the right angle

To prevent children from hurting themselves while sliding, we recommend to think about the number of degrees the slide bends down. A slide of Betonplex is very flat and smooth. Legally, for safety reasons the slope of a slide may never exceed 60° and on average may not exceed 40°. This is about public slides and shows the safest situation. With this in mind, you can start installing the Betonplex slide in your home.

Playground equipment made of Concrete Plywood

Concrete plywood can also be used to make playground equipment from which children can slide down a slide. There are also safety regulations for this. Please read these carefully before you start with the design of the play equipment. In case of a Betonplex speeltoestel with a slide, you choose for the variant Birch. For the platform of the playhouse and any steps, you can use Betonplex Antislip. Where other types of plywood are very slippery, Betonplex Antislip has a rough layer on one side, so it will not slip easily. This prevents children from slipping! Search online for a suitable slide with the right dimensions. You can also regularly find slides for on playground equipment on Marktplaats.

Painting concrete plywood

If you use Betonplex to make a slide, you have a limited choice when it comes to the colour of the material. You can decide to paint the material in a colour you like and which suits your interior. The plastic layer that makes Betonplex so strong and impact-resistant does not disappear, but when you paint the material, it becomes the outer layer and that is much more vulnerable.

Priming concrete plywood with multi-primer

You start by degreasing the plastic layer on the side you want to paint. For this you can use an all-purpose cleaner together with a clean cloth. Carefully sand the layer and make it dust-free. Apply a layer of multiprimer. This will ensure that the paint adheres well later on. Is the primer dry? It is very important that the primer has a chance to dry properly! Then sand it lightly and make it dust-free. Apply the alkyd paint in the desired colour over the primer. Do this at least twice and sand the surface lightly in between to make it dust-free for the next round of painting.

Treating the edges of plywood

Despite the fact that Betonplex is glued water-resistant, it is necessary to finish the front sides when used outside. Edge sealant is made to close the wood completely watertight, it ensures that the paint will be sucked up less by the end sides which have been treated with edge sealant. Take a small roller and apply it to the end grain.

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