Sheet material as an alternative to MDF

Do you want to get started, but first you need an alternative to MDF? In this blog, we highlight the different types of board material and give advice. So: do you have a project idea, but don't know of a good alternative for MDF to use for the job? Then read this blog!

Alternatives to MDF

MDF is an extremely popular board material that is the first choice for many handymen. This is only logical, because MDF has many advantages and comes in many different varieties, thicknesses and colours. Have you worked with MDF before? Then you know the advantages! Sometimes, however, there is not always a well-matched variant of MDF for your project. Therefore, it is good to know what good alternatives to MDF are. We have therefore listed a number of options for you in this article. Would you like to read it?

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Chipboard is very similar to MDF; it is made in the same way, has the same applications and requires a similar finish. However, there are some differences. For example, chipboard uses coarser wood chips compared to the finer wood fibres used in MDF. This makes chipboard generally lighter than MDF. It is also often somewhat coarser than MDF. Chipboard is available in different variants. These are the variants that are a good alternative to MDF.

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Chipboard Natural

Chipboard Natural is the basic variant of chipboard, as Natural MDF dat is van MDF. Deze variant kan je dus helemaal naar eigen wens afwerken. Spaanplaat Naturel heeft wel een grover oppervlak ten opzichte van MDF, dus zorg ervoor dat de grondlaag het materiaal goed voorbewerkt en goed dekt met de gekozen verf.

Chipboard V313

Chipboard V313 is the moisture resistant variant of chipboard. As with MDF Vochtwerend or MDF. You can therefore finish this variant in any way you like. Chipboard Natural does have a coarser surface than MDF, so make sure that the primer prepares the material well and covers it well with the chosen paint.

Particleboard Melamine

Melamine faced chipboard is a variant of chipboard that has a finished top layer. This top layer does not need any further processing! There are variants of Chipboard Laminated that have an even colour and there are also various (wood) structures available. There is always a variant that suits your space!

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Plywood is a board material that differs greatly in structure from MDF. Nevertheless, it is used for similar purposes. This material is made of thin layers of wood veneer and therefore has a more natural look than MDF. It is also stronger than MDF. This is because the layers of wood veneer are glued together crosswise. There are a number of variants of plywood that offer a good alternative to MDF. You can see a few below!

Poplar plywood

Multiplex Interieur Populier is a variant of plywood made from poplar wood. This wood is very light in colour and has a calm appearance. Poplar wood has a warm flame in the top layer, which is essentially different from MDF. It is, however, very light in weight and very strong. This is why Interior Poplar plywood is a good alternative to MDF Blank or MDF Lakdraagif you are looking for a warmer look.

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Birch plywood

Multiplex Berken is, like Multiplex Interior Poplar, also light in colour. However, this material is heavier. In addition, it is moisture-resistant glued and can be used in several places. You can use birch plywood as an alternative to Natural MDF and MDF Vochtwerend.


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Plywood Hardwood

Plywood Hardwood is, like Plywood Birch, an alternative to MDF Vochtwerend. However, there is some difference between the two. Birch plywood owes its good moisture-resistance to the moisture-resistant glue and the thin layers from which it is built, but the birch wood itself is not so moisture-resistant. Plywood Hardwood, on the other hand, is made of wood that is resistant to moisture, but cannot be used outdoors due to the tension on the board.

Okoumé plywood

Multiplex Okoumé is a good alternative to MDF Exterieur. This variant of plywood can therefore be used outdoors. In addition, the okoume wood used to make the plywood has a unique pink-red colour, which means that it is also regularly used indoors.

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