DIY Washbasin cabinet and classic bathroom cabinet doors, by Jacco

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Description by Jacco

I made a washbasin cabinet and three panel doors from moisture-resistant MDF and pine furniture board, with the board material from These were used for our new country style bathroom. The washbasin cabinet is 92 cm high with the sink on it. The doors were made in such a way that they fit in a (new) built-in cupboard under a sloping roof. Because of the application in a bathroom, I opted for as many moisture-resistant / moisture-resistant materials as possible. I also used pine carpentry panel for the bathroom furniture to get a visible wood grain. Screwing/gluing this tightly against the MDF prevents warping. Finishing is with special bathroom paint.

How I made this project

Washbasin cabinet: 112 x 50 x 80 cm (w x d x h). Made of moisture-resistant MDF with 18 mm thick lacquer foil. I had this cut to size in different widths so that there is a staggered effect where I have made 2 plates on top of each other. The top (with recess for drainage and water) and the doors and drawers are made of pine furniture board so that a wood grain is visible on the surface. Doors and drawers are trimmed with thin slats (4 mm) to get some relief. Finishing slats all around (11x11 mm) give the whole a classic look and feel. The whole is waterproof varnished with V33 bathroom paint (Renovation Perfection) deep blue satin gloss. Knobs and hinges are from Janko's Meubel & Door fittings. The Plieger Kansas washbasin with 1 tap hole is located on the cabinet. The cabinet doors (70 x 173 x 3 cm; w x h x d) are made on the basis of MDF moisture-resistant 18 mm lacquer carrier film with (double) miter sawn elements in moisture-resistant MDF of 12 mm. The miter on the two middle elements is both downwards (side) and upwards (front sides), so that the various mitered pieces could be fitted together seamlessly. I glued the MDF parts together and to the surface with Poly Max high tack from Bison. The doors are also lacquered with V33 bathroom paint. Bronze hinges and fittings come from Janko's Meubel & Door fittings.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Cabinet: 112 x 80 x 50 cm (without sink) Doors: 70 x 173 x 3 cm.

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