Phenolic Plywood

For your next project, would you like to use betonplex? Are you going to renovate with betonplex? Do your project inspiration on the DIY and inspiration blog from See what others realised with this material, read the DIY tips others left behind and see how they finished this material for a sleek and strong result that will last for years! How do you use this strong board material? Can you use it outdoors? These are common questions.... And if so, how do you finish this sheet material? When renovating, betonplex eis a commonly used wood type. Certain betonmultiplex timbers can be used outdoors for garage doors, trailers or fascia, for example. Our inspiration blog is packed with project inspiration with examples of betonplex, so you can get started well prepared. We have many project examples of how you can use betonmultiplex and have tagged the betonplex species used for each project. This makes it easy for you to see which type of wood you can use for your next job. Don't be fooled. Because betonplex is also called betonmultiplex, triplex or multiplex with an epoxy coating. However, this is all one and the same material. At our webshop, you can purchase this material under the name 'betonplex'. Or click through directly via the button below:

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