Board: cut to size free of charge

Board: cut to size free of charge

Do you need cut-to-size board for your project? Choose the desired finish and thickness under and have your board sawn to size by the specialists in our sawmill free of charge. Your order will be delivered to your home within working days.

Three variants board

Board is available in three variants: hardboard, softboard and lacquerboard. Board is a universal, lightweight sheet material used mainly for making bed bases, packaging or the back of furniture or cupboards. A board is thin and easy to staple and nail.

At you will find A-quality board in any size. So you only pay for what you actually need. We do not charge per cut; your order is cut to size for free. Order your board quickly and easily online and you will receive your order within working days.

  • Easy to work with
  • Light sheet material
  • Very smooth surface on one side
  • Can be bent when wet

Can be bent when wet

At you can easily and quickly order the amount of board you need for your indoor job. Use the filters to choose the right finish and thickness and finally fill in the desired dimensions. We will cut your board to size for free and deliver your order within working days.


Hardboard is made of wood fibres that are pressed together under high pressure and temperature in order to extract the moisture. The mat used for pressing has a waffle-like structure on one side, so that this imprint is also visible on the hardboard board. Are you looking for board material for levelling floors, a backing for cupboards and furniture or packaging? Then hardboard is excellently suited to this purpose.


This type of board is coated with a matt white top layer in the factory. Its white colour distinguishes lacquered board from hardboard and softboard, which have a wood-like appearance. The lacquered side is smooth and can be finished immediately. The other side of lacquerboard has a rough surface.


In the production of zachtboard, boards are formed from a wet mass of finely ground wood fibres. The boards are then dried without pressing. This is why this form of board material remains soft. Softboard is used for notice boards, as an underlay under a hard floor or as a sound-absorbing application.

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