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A cut-to-size wall system always fits! And is much less expensive than you think. Designing, building and finishing is also very easy. So why go for a standard wall system? Because a standard wall system never fits perfectly. The dimensions are often just not right and the look and feel is also just not what you are looking for. This is no longer necessary; with our affordable made-to-measure cupboard range, you can create the perfect and fitting piece of furniture in no time.

Cut-to-size wall system

Having a cut-to-size wall system that fits exactly has never been easier. With the help of TOSIZE.se's 3D wardrobe configurator, it's so easy. It allows you to easily configure one or more cut-to-size wall systems. Whether you're looking for a cut-to-size wall system for your living room, office or study, we can help you in all areas. Take a look at the most beautiful cut-to-size wall systems below. They can be made exactly to your requirements and ordered directly online.  

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Your custom TOSIZE Furniture cabinet

How nice that you are planning to make your own cabinet! With our unique configurator, you can design your own professional cut to size cabinet in no time. We produce it in our own factory and you will receive your cut to size cabinet complete with installation package at home within a few weeks.

Cut-to-size cabinet wall in 3 easy steps

With the online 3D configurator, you put together your cut-to-size wall system in 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Enter the external dimensions
  • Step 2: Choose your layout
  • Step 3: Add options such as doors or shelves

Measuring your cut-to-size wall system

Always allow at least 5.0 cm space between the top of the wall system and the ceiling. This space is needed to slide the top shelf over the dowels during assembly. Are you installing the wall system between two walls? Then always allow at least 2.0 cm space on both sides. Also important: always measure with a calibrated tape measure or laser gauge, or check with a second device.

Easy to assemble yourself

The wall systems are very easy to assemble yourself. All parts are immediately ready for assembly and are numbered and delivered in sequence. Assembly starts from the bottom up with maximum sturdiness provided by the matching back panel in each compartment. The correct position for hinges and push-to-open systems are already prepared so that you can fit any doors immediately. Each cupboard comes complete with instructions and an installation kit containing all necessary materials.

How much does a cut-to-size wall system cost?

Because TOSIZE.se produces the wall systems in its own factory and delivers them directly, the cut-to-size wall systems are quick to deliver and very price-friendly. We can make a cut-to-size wardrobe from as little as 100 euro. An average cut-to-size wall system costs around 1,200 euros. The actual cost depends on the size, thickness, type of material, number of shelves, doors and other options. The price of your wall system is directly visible in the configurator, so you know exactly where you stand.

What colour should I paint my wall system?

The wall systems in MDF Natural are delivered with primed edges. This eliminates the need to pre-treat the edges yourself with edge sealer. All doors are recessed, allowing you to put together a modern and sleek design. This also means you can finish the wall system in many different ways. Need ideas for a finish? Think about painting with normal (water-based) wood lacquer in a colour of your choice or

  • Chalk paint
  • Wallpaper
  • Concrete stucco, e.g. Cementum from Vestingh Paint
  • Your own creative idea!

Frequently chosen colours always remain white, grey and shades of black. In recent years, dark green and blue have become very popular colours for wall systems. The various paint brands respond well to this and can help you on your way with the latest trends.


Is a TV cabinet from TOSIZE Furniture not what you're looking for after all? Do you want drawers in your cabinet? Do you want to store a big TV? Neem dan contact met ons op; we may be able to do something for you. In fact, we are improving this line on a daily basis. Does it deviate completely from our construction principle? Then make your own cutting list and have us cut to size the panels.