Easily order cut-to-size MDF

Have you come up with some great ideas, and would you like to work on your project? Or are you going to make something unique with MDF sheets? Then of course, you can order cut-to-size MDF sheets from us at an attractive price. You will find various types of MDF sheets within our range. Order online and give us the desired dimensions. We ensure that the sheets are cut to size with millimetre precision. 

Easily order cut-to-size MDF online. MDF can be cut or milled into various shapes. The most commonly chosen shape is a rectangle, but we also mill circles, ovals, hexagons or even parallelograms for you shapes

Do you want to have your do-it-yourself project neatly finished? Then opt for one of the available (edge) finishes. Opt for a seamlessly finished project with mitre-cut corners or a sleek tabletop with rounded edges. Curious about all (edge) finishes? All finishes.

MDF sheet: what is it?

MDF boards belong to the family of fibre boards; the board consists of wood fibres that are compressed under high pressure. This makes the material easy to process. The top layer, pressing and gluing of these fibres ensure the unique properties of the different MDF types. For example, regular MDF is a budget-friendly board material, lacquer-bearing MDF saves a lot of time when it comes to painting and there is also MDF available for outdoor use.

The structure of MDF sheets

An MDF board is made of dried wood fibres and glue. These wood fibres are then pressed together under high pressure and temperatures to form an MDF board. In the case of MDF with moisture-resistant properties, a special type of waterproof glue is used. To enhance the moisture resistant properties, the material is pressed under a higher pressure compared to, for example, MDF natural.

Properties of MDF

MDF board material offers many interesting advantages. Because MDF is a manufactured board, various properties have been added to the boards and a complete MDF family has been created. Each MDF type has its own strong properties. In general, you can say that MDF boards are strong boards that can be used for many projects. In addition, it is very easy to process and to saw or mill to size. Both by hand and by machine. For example, it can easily be milled into the most diverse shapes.

In addition, this material does not splinter, because it consists of a very fine fibre structure. All connection systems can be used for MDF boards and almost all MDF thicknesses are strong enough for constructive interior applications.

Whereas wood and board can deform in humid conditions and temperature variations, MDF is one of the most stable board materials. Whereas timber panels, solid and plywood will warp in humid conditions and at temperature differences, MDF is minimally affected. However, the edges of MDF boards are more vulnerable to moisture than other board materials. It is therefore important to give the edges extra attention and to finish them with an edge sealant when you opt for MDF board material.

In addition, the bending strength of MDF is very high. The breaking point is very high and you benefit from exceptional wear resistance. Countersinking screws in MDF is also very easy.

Types of MDF sheets

MDF sheets are available in various types. For example, MDF is available in variants for both indoor and outdoor use, with or without a top layer. Think ofDamp-proof MDF, fire-retardant MDF, MDF for exterior use and even MDF tricoya, MDF that can be used outdoors. Start your project with MDF!

Our range of MDF sheets includes the following types:

    MDF sheets and moisture

    There are various MDF boards that are resistant to moisture. Our range includes MDF that can be used in damp areas, indoors, such as in a bathroom or kitchen. There is also MDF that is suitable for outdoor applications, such as garden furniture or planters. Read on to find the right board for your job!

    MDF boards for outdoor use

    The MDF family has even developed a board material for outdoor use. A strong, hard pressed board material that even lasts for years underground. How? Due to the hard pressing and special coating, the properties of MDF tricoya are very strong. A proven board material that works minimally when in contact with water and will last for years, even outdoors.

    Different colours and top layers of MDF

    Do you have a job project with a dark look in mind? Would you like to finish off your room with a sleek skirting board? Or are you looking for an eye-catching display? Then go for coloured MDF. Coloured MDF boards are compressed fibres with a colourant mixed through them. This makes the boards coloured through and through. Give your next project a creative touch with this variant of MDF. There are various colours available including MDF water-resistant black.

    Available thicknesses of MDF

    MDF can be ordered in various thicknesses. You can easily indicate your desired thickness when configuring your board material. This ensures that the board material meets your requirements: both the format and the thickness of the material. We have various thicknesses of MDF in our range.

    In our webshop, you can order MDF 6 mm, MDF 9 mm, MDF 12 mm, MDF 15 mm, MDF 18 mm, MDF 22 mm, MDF 25 mm, MDF 30 mm and MDF 38 mm and have them sawn to size.

    DIY tips for assembling and finishing MDF

    For all sheet materials, but for MDF in particular, it is important to finish the edges with edge sealer before you start assembling it. Because the fibre structure of the edges of MDF is exposed, it absorbs extra moisture and paint.

    Common applications of MDF

    MDF is certainly not standard. It is available in many different types and the common uses of MDF are related to this. If moisture-resistant qualities are required, MDF Moisture resistant V313  is a good choice. Besides the moisture-resistant variant, there is also a variant for exterior applications, namely MDF Exterior. For outdoor applications that need to withstand anything, there is MDF tricoya. For applications where fire retardant qualities are important, MDF Fire Retardant can be chosen.

    Alternatives to MDF

    Isn't MDF what you are looking for? Check out our entire range of board material here; everything is sawn or milled to the millimetre. Find the ideal type of wood for your next project!

    MDF or multiplex?

    Whereas MDF is made up of glued fabric fibres, plywood consists of glued veneer layers. Both are manufactured boards and have unique properties. Plywood has the warmth of real wood and MDF has the advantage that it does not warp.

    MDF or timber panel?

    The main difference between MDF and joinery panel is the appearance of the material and the way in which the boards are constructed. The joinery panel consists of glued wooden blocks, also referred to as strips. MDF is constructed from glued fibres. Is appearance important? Then go for timber panels. Is functionality important? Then choose MDF.

    The difference between MDF and OSB

    MDF and OSB are similar in terms of their manufacture. Whereas MDF is made up of fabric fibres, OSB uses coarse fibres. OSB has a completely different look. In terms of installation, both panels are easy and quick to assemble. However, MDF is more versatile.