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Like MDF, board belongs to the family of fibreboards. During the process, wood fibres are compressed under high pressure and temperature with glue. The recycled fibres make this board material environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Use board for your next job

Hardboard is suitable for decorative purposes and can only be used indoors. Whereas the top layer is water-repellent, the edges of fibreboards have a suction effect. Board can therefore not be used in damp spaces.
Board is often used in furniture construction or for shop fitting. In addition, it is a popular board material for use in exhibition stands. Do not use (hard) board for constructive purposes; the material was not developed for this purpose.

The variants of hardboard

There are several varieties of hardboard available. Hardboard is completely biodegradable, so the impact on the environment is limited. The back of the board is always rough.
Do you want to paint your panel material? Then go for lacquerboard. This is hardboard finished with a white or black melamine top layer which is easy to paint. There is also perforated hardboard. Curious about the variants available from us? Check them out here:

    Hardboard klustips

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    Alternatives for board

    Is board not what you are looking for? Check out our entire range of board material; everything can be sawn or milled to size up to the millimetre and you will find the ideal type of wood for your next project.