• Buy Okoumé sheets online cheaply and quickly

Buy Okoumé sheets online cheaply and quickly

Buy Okoumé sheets online cheaply and quickly

Do you want to use Okoume sheets for your outdoor job? Then order it quickly and easily online at TOSIZE.se. Choose the desired thickness from our wide range of sheets and fill in the dimensions you need. In our professional sawmill, we will cut your order to size free of charge and deliver it to you within  working days,

Waterproof plywood

Okoume, also called plywood waterproof, grows in a small area in West Africa. The sheet material is specially developed for outdoor use. It is a strong, WBP water-resistant glued board that is used for, among other things, dormers, façades, doors or heavily loaded work tops. Okoume boards are available both primed and unprimed. Due to its fine structure, the wood has a smooth surface and is easy to work with.

Okoumé sheets cut to size free of charge

Buying Okoume sheets from TOSIZE.se is a quick and easy ordering process. Use the filters to determine the right thickness and then fill in the desired dimensions. We will then saw your order to size. Free of charge, accurate and without splinters. Would you like to order several types of wood or board material at once? No problem at all! Simply add them to your order.

Buy Okoumé sheets at TOSIZE.se

TOSIZE.se is the online sawmill. We deliver all types of wood and board material in any desired finish, thickness and size to your home within  working days. Is the type of wood you are looking for not listed in our webshop? Please feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

Other types of wood in the webshop

At TOSIZE.se you can buy more than just Okoume sheets. Our range includes MDF, chipboard, underlayment and Finnish spruce such as Pellos Floor. All in various finishes and the desired thickness and size. Save yourself a trip to the DIY store and unnecessary sawing losses: buy your Okoume and other board material now at TOSIZE.se. The online sawmill for timber cut to size.

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