• Common applications for timber panels

Common applications for timber panels

The common applications of timmerpanelen are found mainly within the interior. Lumber panels are ideal for use in making furniture or furniture components. It is true that timber panels are easy to work with and offer many important advantages that are useful for furniture. Do you want to get started with one of the common uses of lumber panels, or would you like to make something unique out of it? If so, TOSIZE.se is the right place for you to buy high quality lumber panels at a competitive price. Tell us how big you want the panels to be and we will make sure everything is cut to size for you.

What are the common applications of timber panels?

As indicated, among the commonly used applications of timmerpanelen especially in the interior. For example, timber panels are often used to make complete pieces of furniture, but also to create a beautiful worktop. In addition, the timber panels are also excellent for making strong shelves for in cabinets. The timber panels consist of narrow strips of solid wood joined together. This makes the panels very strong and provides optimum quality. This is also why there are so many different common applications for carpentry panels. Due to the high qualities and characteristics, you can really go every which way with these panels. Because the panels are easy to work with, you can easily give them a certain look according to your own taste and preferences. This is of course also ideal for the interior.

The natural look of the timber panels

Timberboards are therefore made of solid wood. This brings an important advantage when it comes to the look of the material. Lumber panels are very natural to look at and many people like this pure look. It is therefore possible to keep the panels as they are. You can use a clear varnish, oil or stain to preserve the natural look. The neutral look ensures that the timber panels easily fit into any interior. This also ensures that many interior projects can be found among the common applications for timber panels. Please note that a clear varnish, stain or oil also darkens the material a little. This will retract a little over time, but the material will always be a little darker than it was before.

Timber panels in various variants

Do you want to make something with timmerpanelen for your interior? Then of course it is important that the end result fits in well with your interior style. It is important to make your choice accordingly, because timber panels are available in several varieties. Do you want a beautiful, natural and very light colour? Then it is often a good choice to​​​​​​​ timmerpanelen van vurenhout to order. Spruce has a neutral colour that is cool and light in itself. Would you like a slightly warmer light orange shade? Then you can choose ​​​​​​​timmerpanelen van grenenhout. Pine is just a bit darker than spruce and shows more warmth in the colour. Both colours combine well with other colours in the interior, so this is purely a matter of taste. Finally, we also have oak panels. These panels are made of high-quality oak and are the darkest of all. You choose eiken panelen if you want a luxurious look for your project.

Taking into account the working of timber panels

For the most varied common applications of timmerpanelen You must take into account the working of the wood. It is often the case that solid wood will work due to changes in temperature and moisture. In the case of timber panels, the material will work less under humid conditions than solid wood. This is mainly due to the fact that the timber panels consist of many narrow strips that together form one whole. In addition, it is cross-glued, so warping does not immediately result in a hollow or bulging panel, but simply some unevenness. Although this is far less serious than warping or even splitting, it is of course important that your panels remain beautiful for as long as possible. A good treatment with lacquer, oil or stain is an important part of this.

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