Common applications of Pellos Floor

The widely used application of Pellos Floor can be divided into two categories, namely decorative applications and structural applications. This panel material offers several interesting advantages, making Pellos Floor very suitable for both types of applications. In fact, a large part of the common applications of Pellos Floor correspond to those of plywood. More and more people choose to use Pellos Floor where previously plywood was used. There are important reasons for this, which we will come back to later. Do you want to get started with Pellos Floor panels? Then order online at

Decorative and constructive applications of Pellos Floor

As indicated, there are both decorative and constructive common applications of Pellos Floor. This board material has a beautiful appearance and offers a lot of strength, making it well suited for both types of application. Pellos Floor is made of spruce veneer and this offers some interesting advantages. The panel material can be worked with quickly and easily.

Common applications of Pellos Floor due to its advantages

There are quite a few common applications of Pellos Floor this is mainly due to the important advantages of the sheet material. We mentioned earlier that the sheets can be fixed or mounted quickly, which is of course nice when you want to continue working easily and quickly. In addition, Pellos Floor is an excellent construction plywood for various purposes. The quality of the boards is very high because they are made of Finnish spruce. Pellos Floor is also often used as underlayment. The boards are sanded and have a closed front. The fact that the boards are completely stable and flat also provides important advantages. All this together ensures that there are a large number of common applications for Pellos Floor.

Common applications for Pellos Floor: constructional

There are several common applications of Pellos Floor in the constructional area. This is mainly due to the important advantages of the material, such as its optimum flatness and strength. Pellos Floor is often used for roofs, but it is also a common choice for floors. In the past, plywood was mainly used for this purpose, but companies and private individuals are now increasingly opting for Pellos Floor. Pellos Floor is very pleasant to work with and that is important in many cases. After all, you do not want to put in more effort than necessary. The easy processing of Pellos Floor is therefore ideal. In addition, Pellos Floor slabs have a beautiful appearance and within certain projects, this is also very important.

Common applications for Pellos Floor: decorative

In addition to the constructive applications, there are also quite a few common applications of Pellos Floor in the decorative area. In fact, there are so many that they are impossible to name. For example, you can enhance your interior in many different ways with Pellos Floor. This is mainly due to the fact that the boards have a very nice, neutral colour. This neutral colour is excellent for combining with other colours, so that you can create a beautiful interior.​​​​​​​ Pellos Floor It is easy to apply in the most diverse interior styles. Another important advantage for decorative applications is that the board material is very easy to work with. You make the most beautiful things in no time!

Pellos Floor slabs have one beautiful side

When working with​​​​​​​ Pellos Floor however, it is important to look carefully at which side of the sheet you use for the visible side. This is of course especially true for decorative applications, but also if you want to make furniture with Pellos Floor, it is important that you look at something beautiful. The fact is that Pellos Floor panels have two different sides. One side has a higher visual quality and the other side has a lower visual quality. If you are going to make something that you will look at a lot, it is therefore important to ensure that you place the high-quality side on the visible side. The difference is, by the way, clearly visible, so this does not require much effort.

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