• Customised Okoume plywood sheets for outdoors

Customised Okoume plywood sheets for outdoors

Customised Okoume plywood sheets for outdoors

At TOSIZE.se you can order Okoume plywood boards quickly and easily. This type of wood from West Africa has been specially developed for outdoor use. Choose the right thickness of the sheet and fill in the required dimensions. We will then cut your Okoume plywood sheets to size free of charge. Your order will be delivered within  working days.

Order your Okoumé WBP glued to size

Okoume plywood panels are often referred to as WBP: Water Boiled Proof. This means that this type of plywood is waterproof bonded with an adhesive which can withstand boiling for a minimum of 72 hours without the various layers of plywood coming apart. The indication Okoumé WBP is required to be considered suitable for outdoor use.

Okoume door panel: flat and stable

Okoume plywood is a strong and load-bearing board material with a smooth surface. It is very suitable for making doors where stability and flatness are important, also in a humid environment. The Okoumé veneers from which an Okoumé door panel is made form a good basis for an extra top layer that is also easy to mill.

Order your Okoumé plywood made to measure online

Via your laptop, tablet or smartphone you can easily order your Okoume plywood in our webshop. Choose the desired finish and thickness using the filters, and fill in the required dimensions. In our professional sawmill, we will cut your order to size accurately and free of charge. Would you like to order several types of wood or boards at once? No problem at all!

Types of wood available

TOSIZE.se is the online sawmill. In our extensive range, you will not only find Okoume plywood sheets, but also underlayment, chipboard, OSB and MDF. Can't find the type of wood you are looking for in our webshop? Then please contact us. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities.

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