How to make an MDF space winner to measure

Do you feel the need to minimise? Start in the attic! That's where most of your stuff is! If you are going to de-clutter, then you don't have to throw everything away; you only keep what you really use or value. Store those things neatly in an MDF space winder in the attic. Make the space winder yourself from MDF, in the size that exactly fits under the sloping roof of your attic and let us already cut the MDF to size. That is really handy!

Step 1: Design your MDF space winner

No attic is the same! That's why it's so handy to have an MDF space winder that completely fits the mood and dimensions of your pitched roof. At you can have your design, with any specific dimensions, cut to size. Even edge finishes, such as mitre cuts, are no problem for our sawing specialists.

Are you going for a space-winner made of MDF on wheels? Or make a loft cabinet with drawer runners to gain space? In all cases, it starts with a good design. Get inspired online by looking for examples of beautiful space-winners and then get to work on a design. Make a sketch of your idea to get a clear idea of the dimensions and which border finishes will really finish the job. Also read our handyman tip: handy measuring tips you'll never forget! Have you completed your saw list? Then go to the next step and decide on the type of MDF.

Tip: Use a large piece of cardboard and push it under the slanted wall in the attic, as if you were putting a book in the bookcase. Bend the corner of the cardboard until it fits perfectly under the sloping roof. This creates a template that shows you the correct dimensions for the storage box. This way, you can immediately check whether your house is straight and whether the space under the roof is the same everywhere.

Tip: Have the plate on which you attach the handle cut slightly longer and attach the other boards at such a height that the wheels disappear exactly behind the plate. This gives a neat result!

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Step 2: Choose the right variant of MDF

Space Winners are often offered pre-assembled in MDF Natural, as this is the cheapest choice. You can place the space winder in the attic untreated, but it is also an option to paint the MDF in a colour that matches the interior of your attic. In that case it is better to choose MDF Paint Carrier. This MDF is provided on both sides with a lacquer-bearing film that makes priming the material unnecessary. Because of the foil, the absorbing effect of the material is greatly reduced. In practice, this means that you can start painting immediately. Ideal!
Are you planning to paint your MDF space winner in a dark colour? Then use MDF Black Water-resistant, this is a moisture-resistant variant which makes it very easy to paint! Still apply a layer of primer first. This ensures that the material has a less absorbent effect.



think out-of-the-box

You should also take a look at the other wood and sheet materials  in our webshop. Sometimes it can be surprisingly fun to choose a material you didn't initially think of. For example, a space saver of OSB3, Plywood Interior Poplar or Underlayment Finnish Spruce. The natural look of these types of wood provides atmosphere and character. This is how you create a unique space winner. We challenge you!

Step 3: Make a list of necessary accessories

At you can directly add the necessary accessories to your shopping basket. It's very convenient and means you don't have to go to the DIY store after all. It is, however, useful to think carefully in advance about the accessories needed to assemble the MDF space winder yourself. Think about screws, wheels, maybe a handle to pull the winder out from under the slanted roof, wood glue, drill, wood drill, abrasive paper and paint. See here for a complete overview of our accessories. Want to make a cut-out in the space saver to serve as a handle? Read our DIY tip: Professional hole drilling in sheet metal.

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Personalise the space winner

For a unique finish, you can add your name, the name of your partner or your child(ren) to the MDF space winner. This is very easy with the help of a letter template. Tip: decide in advance where you want to place the letters and secure the templates with masking tape to prevent slipping. Carefully fill the letters with paint in the desired colour. In this way, the space winner is completely unique and each family member knows which storage box in the attic belongs to him or her.

Step 4: Order your MDF space winner construction kit

Have you completed the saw list? Then fill in the requirements on our website. By ordering your space winner MDF cut to size, you do not need advanced (sawing) machines, you only pay for the material you need and you do not have to transport anything yourself. So it saves a lot of time! Want to order directly? Go to the shop. In no time at all, you will receive the material for your MDF space winner as a kit at your home.

Step 5: Mounting the storage box

Time for action! With all the materials in the house, it's now time to fasten the shelves of the space winner together. Before you start, lay out all the supplies you need, this will save you a lot of time during the job. First glue the sides of the room-winner together with wood glue and screw them down for stability. Then attach the wheels under the space winder and place the handle on the front or drill a hole yourself. Are you going to paint the space winder? Also read our handyman tip: Painting MDF

The end result

You can be proud of a job you have done yourself! We're very curious to see how the space-winner is parked under the sloping roof in your attic. Will you share a photo of the end result? We'd love to!