Building changeable speaker boxes, MDF by Anco

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Anco explains on this page how he made changeable speaker boxes from MDF. He shares his steps and helpful tips to create customizable speaker boxes. With its DIY approach, Anco has built functional and flexible speaker boxes that can meet different needs. Follow his steps and make your own changeable speaker boxes from MDF.

Description of Anco

I wanted to build sturdy speaker boxes that can be adjusted in shape to taste. The design consists of 3 cabinets per channel, 2 for the bass and midrange and one for the tweeter.

How I made this project

Calculated everything and ordered the wood, one plate18 mm MDF, at It was delivered quickly and well. Holes sawn for the speakers and in the trusses. Gluing and clamping it together went quite quickly, about an hour per cabinet. Everything fit well. I only had to sand a little to get them nice and tight. Then I took pictures. This shows, among other things, a few different configurations. Of course I made two sets, one for the left and one for the right. I don't know yet how I'm going to finish them, lacquer (what color?) or veneer? The speaker can be installed, and some experimenting with the crossover (this can be built into the cabinets of the tweeters, the backs of which I have not glued). The sound quality of course depends on the mounted speaker units and the crossover filters.

Dimensions of my DIY project


  • 1st. 31x12.5x41 cm per channel
  • 2 pcs. 31 x 17.5x41 cm per channel

You can build a base or tripod from the residual wood.

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How next?

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