Create a sleek white stage with plywood okoumé, by Sjaak

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Very easy

2 minutes

A stage of white class

Are you looking for inspiration for a sleek and modern stage? Then be inspired by the white stage that Sjaak created with the help of The podium is a simple but elegant design that fits seamlessly with today's minimalist interior trends.

The construction and details of the project

Sjaak started his project with personalized wood from Each panel has been carefully cut to size to create a uniform and sleek stage that fits perfectly into its space. The podium, in a fresh white color, forms an elevation along the wall that is both functional and aesthetic. The finish is finished, with a smooth surface that radiates unity. The white podium contrasts beautifully with dark floors and underlines the spaciousness of the room.

A unique addition to your interior

This podium is not only an eye-catcher, but also a flexible platform for different purposes of use. Whether you use it as a plant stand, bookshelf or as a place for decorative elements; the choice is yours.

Benefits of DIY

One of the big advantages of DIY projects like this stage is complete control over sizing and the freedom to use materials of your choice to use. Moreover, you determine the budget yourself, so you can work cost-effectively. With the precise cutting of you can tailor the project to your wishes without sacrificing quality.

The aesthetic style of the stage

The stage that Sjaak has created excels in clean lines and a monochrome white color that radiates tranquility and style in every corner. The modern and minimalist style is timeless and easy to integrate with other interior elements.

Advantages of the type of wood used

The choice of Multiplex Okoumé Waterproof White Primed 10 mm for the stage is a smart one . This type of wood is known for its strength and durability, which guarantees a long lifespan for the project. Moreover, the fine texture and white base layer are extremely suitable for the sleek and finished appearance that Sjaak had in mind.

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How next?

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