Custom extension of changing table with changing cushion, by Tom

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2 minutes

Inspiration for your own changing table with changing cushion

Are you looking for inspiration for practical furnishing of the baby room? Discover how Tom enlarged his changing table with a smart custom solution to make room for a changing pillow. A perfect combination of functionality and style for the optimal care of your baby.

Handy extension of the changing table

Tom has expanded his changing table with a custom-made increase, so that there is enough space to to comfortably care for your baby. This construction, realized with the help of, fits perfectly with the existing chest of drawers and significantly increases the surface area. The project clearly shows that customization contributes to optimal use of the available space for a changing cushion.

Detailed customization

Tom's project includes detailed customization. The elevation has been carefully constructed from Multiplex Interieur Poplar and seamlessly matched to the color and style of the white chest of drawers. The edges are neatly finished, which gives an elegant look. The wood structure is subtly visible and gives a natural touch to the whole.

Ideal for the baby room

The extension of the changing table is installed in the baby room. Thanks to the neutral design and the warm appearance of the wood, it fits perfectly in this space. It not only offers a functional advantage, but also provides a calm and finished look, which contributes to a relaxed atmosphere in the room.

Benefits of making it yourself

Making it yourself This custom project offers numerous advantages. This way you can perfectly match the dimensions to the available space and follow your own taste in terms of choice of materials. This not only provides a tailor-made solution, but it is also often more budget-friendly than a standard solution from the store.

The style of the project

The style of Tom's project can be described as modern with a natural look. The choice of Multiplex Interior Poplar contributes to a contemporary look while the project still radiates warmth and tranquility within the baby room.

Multiplex Interior Poplar: sustainable and stylish

The choice of Multiplex Interior Poplar is not only based on its beautiful appearance, but also because of the durability of the material. The 18mm thick plywood provides a sturdy base for expanding the chest of drawers, while the 6mm thick panel provides a fine finish. In this way, Tom effortlessly combines style with functionality.

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How next?

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