Custom restaurant table with sleek milled edges, by Joris

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A table for the interior of an Amsterdam restaurant. The table is intended for dining for two people. But it would also be large enough for a third person.

Make a custom table yourself

Because I don't have a cutter myself, has milled the edges and corners in advance. br />
The table had to fit into the current interior of the restaurant, so I lightly sanded the plywood panel. I then applied a warm walnut lacquer in three thin layers. I sanded lightly between each layer.

When the top was the appropriate color, I applied a final, protective layer of yacht varnish. This immediately made the top shine a little more, just like the other tables in the restaurant.

I still had the table leg somewhere and I could easily attach it to the bottom of the plate with screws.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

the top is 65.0 x 53.5 cm

The table has a height of 74 cm

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