Customized shelving unit with desktop, by Renate

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Description of Renate

I have created a custom office design with a sleek and functional appearance. The highlight of the design is a shelving unit from and a seamless oak table top running from one side of the room to the other, supported by a combination of drawer units. A light point has also been added. The whole has been carefully finished with high-quality materials and details, such as handles that give it a chic look. I am very happy with the end result.

How I made this project

Professional office design project with gradual construction: First, a custom-made shelving unit was installed, starting with the bottom. I ordered this cabinet via Two IKEA drawer units were installed on the right side of the office (ALEX drawer unit). Once both were installed, a custom oak table top was added, running from the drawer units to the shelving unit. The table top, made of solid oak, rests on the top of the door part of the cabinet. This is attached to the wall with a frame, so that it is 'blind' has been hung up. An additional oak piece was added to the top of the door section of the cubbies. This makes it look as if the oak leaf is 'the corner' goes around. The top of the cupboard was placed and finished with a wide MDF slat on the left side, and lighting was also installed here. The IKEA drawer units were 'hacked' with custom-made MDF furniture panels, which were attached to each other. I attached these furniture panels with mounting kit and screws. For a chic look, I finished the doors with finishing slats. I cut this to size with a skirting board cutter. The cabinet was then carefully finished by filling all the cracks, sealing the edges, sanding everything, applying two layers of primer and then two layers of lacquer in the color 'Light blue' from Farrow & Ball. Finally, handles were added to give the whole a chic look. I am very happy with the end result!

Dimensions of my DIY project

Compartment cupboard: 200.0 x 220.0 cm
Oak top: 275.0 wide and 75 .0 cm high.

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