Decorate your crawl space with a handmade cover, by Roald

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A practical and stylish crawl space cover

Are you looking for a way to improve your crawl space both functionally and aesthetically? Be inspired by Roald's project, where a beautiful and handy crawl space cover was created. This personal touch to your home not only provides a beautiful appearance but also contributes to the ease of use of your crawl space.

The structure of the project

Roald has worked with great detail on a crawl space cover that is both practical to use and visually attractive. The cover is custom made by and made from Multiplex Okoumé Waterproof B/BB 25 mm - a choice that guarantees both durability and style. The panel is equipped with sturdy handles that greatly facilitate opening and closing.

Color and unique details

The warm, natural color of the plywood brings a homely and rustic element to any hall or entrance. Thanks to the tastefully chosen hardware in black color, the crawl space cover stands out for its simplicity and elegance. The smart design that easily opens the panels upwards, makes the cover not only practical, but also a stylish addition to your interior.

The perfect match for the hall

Why this crawl space cover works so well in the hall? It provides a tidy and neat first impression upon arrival. With a seamless transition between floor and cover, it integrates beautifully with the surrounding environment. This is an inspiring example of how all rooms in the house, even the often overlooked corners, can be tackled with love and attention.

Benefits of making your own crawl space cover

Assembling and installing a crawl space cover yourself offers you flexibility in both dimensions and the choice of materials. Roald chose to have his crawl space cover cut to size by, so that it fits perfectly with the dimensions of his hall. At the same time, significant cost savings have been achieved, as customization from major manufacturers can be considerably more expensive.

The end result: a stylish finish

Room valves do not have to be purely functional; they can also enhance the aesthetics of your home. This project is an example of minimalist elegance in the home, and shows how a crawl space cover can actually contribute to the stylish cohesion of your living space.

The benefits of Multiplex Okoumé Watervast B/BB

Multiplex Okoumé Waterproof B/BB 25 mm is an excellent choice for these types of projects thanks to its high water resistance and aesthetic finish. The type of wood is known for its strong, yet light properties, making it ideal for covers that need to be opened and closed regularly.

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How next?

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