DIY outdoor kitchen with worktop and BBQ, by Jarno

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3 minutes

Inspiration for your own outdoor kitchen

Do you also dream of cozy summer dining outdoors with a homemade outdoor kitchen? Then take a look at this beautiful project by Jarno. A robust and functional outdoor kitchen with a sleek worktop made of Okoume plywood 40mm, perfectly combined with a modern BBQ. The construction was carefully tailored by and then installed by Jarno himself. Especially for the do-it-yourselfers among us, a wonderful example of what you can achieve with the right materials and a bit of craftsmanship!

The outdoor kitchen in detail

The basis of this homemade outdoor kitchen forms the sturdy worktop, made from waterproof Okoume plywood with a thickness of 40 mm. The natural color of the wood contrasts beautifully with the black-painted side panels, which gives a warm, but also sleek appearance. The worktop offers plenty of space to comfortably prepare your BBQ meals and at the same time contains ingenious storage space under the worktop for all your cooking utensils. Unique details, such as the handy hooks for hanging towels or grilling tools, make this outdoor kitchen a unique and personal project.

The perfect addition to your terrace

This outdoor kitchen looks beautiful the terrace, where it not only serves as a practical addition for any BBQ enthusiast, but also as a stylish piece of furniture that blends perfectly with the outdoor environment. The choice of robust materials ensures that the outdoor kitchen is resistant to various weather influences, while at the same time contributing to the aesthetic aspect of your outdoor space.

The advantages of self-build

By building this outdoor kitchen yourself Jarno has been able to benefit from the flexibility in dimensions and complete freedom in choice of materials. He was able to fully customize the outdoor kitchen to his wishes, from the size of the worktop to the specific position of the BBQ. Moreover, the choice of DIY allowed him to save a significant amount of money, while at the same time realizing a project with a high-quality finish and personal touch.

The trendy industrial look

With its sleek lines and the combination of natural wood tones and modern barbecue equipment, this outdoor kitchen fits seamlessly into the contemporary industrial living style. The industrial look is further enhanced by the minimalist and functional approach to the design. Whether you invite guests for a pleasant evening or simply enjoy a meal with the family, this outdoor kitchen increases the atmosphere and the taste experience.

The power of Multiplex Okoumé

The Multiplex used Okoumé Waterproof B/BB 40 mm is an excellent choice for outdoor projects. The high degree of water resistance ensures that the wood remains beautiful for a long time, regardless of the weather conditions. Both the aesthetics and durability of Okoume plywood contribute to the overall quality of this outdoor kitchen, allowing you to enjoy your homemade meal for a long time.

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