DIY sideboard made of birch multiplex and Flötotto profile system, by Frederik

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Frederik's tailor-made sideboard made of birch multiplex

Would you like to give your living room a fresh, individual touch? Then be inspired by Frederik's DIY project: a self-constructed sideboard that harmoniously combines functionality and design. With the help of and a Flötotto profile system, Frederik has created this unique piece of furniture that immediately catches the eye with its clear lines and the natural look of the birch multiplex in white.

The perfect interplay of aesthetics and practicality

The side walls of the sideboard are made of high-quality birch multiplex and precisely sawn to size by the service. The white color of the multiplex panels makes the sideboard appear bright and modern, while the robust Flötotto profile system ensures stability and a timeless, elegant frame. As a flexible organizational element, it fits seamlessly into the living room and at the same time offers enough storage space for books, decorations and other home accessories.

Why Frederik's sideboard is an asset to your living room

The decision to create a piece of furniture yourself not only gives you the opportunity to adapt the dimensions to your existing space, but also to choose the material and colors so that they harmonize with your existing furnishings. Frederik's sideboard is a prime example of how a customized manufacturing project can underline the personal touch in a living space.

Stylish elegance and functional design

Frederik's sideboard combines minimalism and practicality with a warm naturalness. The open compartments provide quick access to everything you would like to display or have close at hand. Its clear design and subtle choice of colors make it a flexible companion that can be easily combined with different styles.

The advantages of building it yourself

This DIY project not only reflects Frederik's craftsmanship, but also highlights the advantages of making it yourself. Adjusting the dimensions, choosing the material and the freedom of design make it possible to create exactly the piece of furniture you imagine - and often at a fraction of the cost of comparable designer pieces.

Advantages of white birch multiplex

The white birch multiplex used in the project offers some key advantages. It is extremely robust and durable, while also being bright and friendly in appearance. The white coating ensures an easy-care surface that still looks attractive even after years of use and is easy to clean.

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