Light cove on the ceiling with spotlights in the hall, by Ramon

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Cove light with spotlights to conceal the heating pipes in the hallway. The cove, the meter cupboard and the furniture under the cove had to form a whole. This worked out well.

How do you make your own light cove?

I made a frame of pine beams (44x44 mm). I attached the frame to the wall and ceiling with impact plugs. The electricity was then installed. The wiring had to go from the lamp in the hall to the distribution box. From there I ran a new pipe to the soffit. In this way, the spotlights switch when the hallway lighting is switched on.

I then screwed the MDF plates that I ordered custom-made from you onto the frame. Nicely countersunk and then finished with filler. Then the edges of the cove were primed with MDF and the whole was varnished twice.

Custom light cove

135.0 cm wide, 20.0 cm high and 39.0 cm cm deep.

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