Plywood laptop stand: workroom upgrade, by Bob

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Multiplex laptop stand: Get more out of your office

Do you dream of transforming your office with a stylish and functional addition? Bob did just that with a homemade laptop stand! This inspirational project shows how a simple piece of plywood can not only upgrade your space, but also make your daily work more comfortable.

The construction of the laptop stand

The construction of the stand is smart and well thought out, with tightly cut plywood panels from that fit together seamlessly. The natural wood color and the visible layers of the plywood give a modern yet rustic look that fits in any office. Characteristic of this Bob creation are the special recesses that provide space for a telephone speaker and the ingeniously concealed cables that ensure a tidy desk.

A streamlined working environment

In Bob' In the office, the laptop stand occupies a prominent place. It stands on a sturdy desk, next to a keyboard, where it forms the focal point both functionally and aesthetically. The choice of plywood keeps the desk airy and fits perfectly with the minimalist design of the room.

Benefits of making your own laptop stand

Making your own laptop stand gives you the freedom to choose for the exact dimensions that fit your laptop and office. It also gives you the flexibility to choose materials that suit your personal style and budget. Moreover, doing your own work with materials from is not only fun, but also cost-saving and it produces a unique item that you will not find anywhere else.

A perfect match with the office

With this DIY plywood laptop stand, Bob has created a solution that blends beautifully with the rest of his office. The warm wood tones contrast with the gray laptop, giving it a calm but contemporary look.

Stylish and practical design

The laptop stand is not only an eye-catcher, but also very practical. The ergonomic height reduces neck strain while working, and the extra storage space for accessories makes this stand a must-have for every office.

Wood types and their benefits

Usage of Multiplex Asian goldplex B/BB of 18 mm thick was a conscious choice. This material is known for its strength and durable quality, while remaining lightweight. The beautiful layer structure also provides a natural look that only gains more character over time.

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How next?

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