Subwoofer for Girls, by Ronald

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I built a home cinema subwoofer which the lady of the house also likes. The conditions were that it blended in with the colour of the apartment. And the sound is first class 😉

In addition to the wood parts list you need: 1x Dayton Audio subwoofer RSS315HF-4, 1x Visaton insulation, 1x amplifier module Monacor Sam 300. To secure the wooden parts I milled in lamellos and then glued them butt-to-bumper. The 2.0 cm of the bass reflex shaft must be observed at all costs. The front is doubled with black MDF (glue properly). After gluing, the opening for the subwoofer module and the bass reflex channel is milled (see pictures). Please pre-drill the screw holes so that nothing breaks. I painted the MDF with normal wall paint and glitter effect (that went surprisingly well 😉) My wife is happy and I am even more so 👌😂


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