TV cabinet plywood poplar and IKEA METOD, by Annemiek

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2 minutes

Annemiek made a TV cabinet from plywood interior poplar, with sheet material cut to size by She placed the cabinets on the IKEA METOD cabinet system. This makes the cabinets enormously sturdy. Would you also like a TV cabinet made of plywood poplar? Read more about it here!

To make this TV cabinet I chose to use Multiplex Interior Poplar. I did this because of the almost white color of the wood and the light weight. The 4 cm thick transverse partitions ensure that the shelf can support the TV without bending. I have not glued these on, I have deliberately chosen for the partitions to fall inwards, which shows a bit more slender. The cabinets that I have placed in it are from the IKEA METOD cabinet system, sturdy and with a very nice matte front. They are the horizontal top cabinets of 60 cm wide that are placed upside down, so that the flap opens downwards. The biggest job was measuring, after all, the cabinets had to fit exactly. As with my previous order at, the plates were sawn to the millimeter, so the cabinet was assembled within a few hours!

As with my previous order from, the boards were cut to the millimetre, so the cabinet was assembled within a few hours!

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