Welcome to, the place where your dreams of a beautiful, custom-made market stall become a reality!

We specialise in cutting to size various types of board material, including plywood, OSB, underlayment and chipboard. With our high-quality material and precision sawing, you can build the perfect market stall to suit your unique style and requirements.

A market stall is a great calling card for your business and a place where you can inspire and enthuse your customers. By choosing cut-to-size sheet material, you are assured of a stall that not only looks good, but is also practical and durable. With our high-quality sheet material and our precise sawing machines, you can be assured of a stall that not only looks great, but is also robust enough to meet all requirements.

Moreover, at, it is not only possible to have the sheet material cut to size, but also to have it fitted with various machining operations. These include milling, drilling, and mitre cutting. This allows you to design your market stall entirely as you wish!

In short, at you will find everything you need to create the market stall of your dreams. Our high-quality materials and sawing to the millimetre ensure that your stall will be made or refurbished in no time. We are here to help you realise your dream stall. See below how others have worked with our sheet material before.