• MDF blank boards cut to size free of charge

MDF blank boards cut to size free of charge

Different types of customised MDF boards

At TOSIZE.se we have an extensive range of wood and board materials. Choose, for example, MDF lacquer-bearing boards: directly paintable and suitable for indoor use. Or MDF natural, which is widely used in the interior construction and furniture industry, while MDF moisture-resistant is specially designed for use in damp areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen. Is the MDF you are looking for not listed? Then feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

  • High bending strength
  • High wear resistance
  • Easy to screw and nail
  • Good machinability
  • Little or no warping

MDF board dimensions

At TOSIZE.se you will find  MDF boards in various sizes, with a maximum size of 122 x 305 centimetres. When ordering, specify the desired size of your MDF boards and we will cut your board material to size for you free of charge. All MDF boards in our range are also available in different thicknesses. You can order your MDF boards from as little as 4 millimetres.

MDF boards white

White MDF boards are provided with a paint carrier film that ensures that any paint that you apply will be absorbed less quickly. Because of the lacquer carrier film, the white MDF boards are moreover impact and scratch resistant and very suitable to be used as a partition wall or cabinet surround. White MDF boards are available in thicknesses from 9 mm.

Painting MDF boards

When painting MDF boards, it is important to take into account that MDF easily absorbs moisture and therefore expands. This is particularly the case with blank MDF. White MDF boards have a rough surface and are provided with a lacquer carrier film, making them more suitable for painting. MDF moisture-resistant can even be made water repellent by finishing the board with a coat of paint.


Primed MDF boards

At TOSIZE.se it is possible to order MDF boards primed. These boards are primed on both sides and are therefore ready to be finished. This means that your board material is not only delivered to size, but you also no longer need to work with primer. Primed MDF boards are available from 9 mm thickness.

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