• Order made-to-measure timber panels online?

Order made-to-measure timber panels online?

Timberboards are ideal to use for making your own furniture, such as tables, desks and cabinets. Do you want to make new furniture for your home or garden? Then you can make good use of the carpentry panels. At TOSIZE.se you can order various types of carpentry panels of high quality at an attractive price. We can saw the panels to size for you, so you don't have to.

Solid wood lumber panels

Timberboards are made from narrow strips of solid wood. These slats are glued firmly together during the production process, creating a single unit. This gives the joinery panel many advantages, such as enormous strength and excellent durability. Because the panels consist of multiple slats, the risk of warping of the panels is also effectively prevented. The solid wood panels are beautifully finished, giving the final products a beautiful appearance.

Varying thickness of the joinery panels

Timberboards are available in various types. An important consideration when making your choice is the thickness of the joinery panels. There are relatively thin joinery panels that are excellent for smaller pieces of furniture that will not be heavily loaded. However, do you want to buy panels to make a desk or a large bookcase that you want to fill completely with heavy books? Then it is advisable to order panels with a greater thickness. A thickness of 40 mm is often a good choice.

Different types of joinery panels

Carpentry panels can be made from different types of wood. The most popular types of wood from which joinery panels are made are spruce and pine. These materials have a light colour and are easy to work with. If you want a solid wood panel with a slightly darker colour, you can also choose high-quality oak panels.

Finishing the joinery panels as desired

The basic carpentry panels are all natural. This applies to the joinery panels of all available wood species. So you can decide what look you want to create by deliberately choosing a specific finish. For this you can use stain, but also oil or for example chalk paint.

Pine joinery panels are the most popular

People who want to make their own furniture for indoors generally opt for a grenen timmerpaneel. These are also the most widely sold for this purpose. Not only can you make beautiful furniture from them, but you can also make individual planks from the joinery panels. Pine is especially popular for its beautiful appearance. The wood grain is very visible and the colour is best described as warm and attractive, despite being quite light in colour. Pine joinery panels are easy to work with. When you start working with it, you will notice that pine wood gives off a very specific smell during editing. Not everyone finds this smell pleasant. You do not have to worry about this. Once the work is done, the smell in question will disappear.

Ordering timber panels with the right finish

You can buy carpentry panels in the most varied types and sizes at TOSIZE.se. You can specify the desired dimensions during the ordering process. We can then deliver the panels to your exact dimensions. In addition, we can also finish the ends for you. There are many different possibilities for this.

Easy online ordering of timber panels

TOSIZE.se has a wide range ofTimberboards online. You can order the most varied carpentry panels at an attractive price. Check out the various possibilities in our web shop and choose which carpentry panels you like to work with. Once you have made your choice, you can go through the online ordering process. Simply indicate the dimensions you want and we will saw everything to size for you. If you wish, we can deliver your order to the desired location. Would you prefer to collect the sawn timber panels at our branch? Then of course we will make sure it is ready for you.

Order your made-to-measure timber panels at TOSIZE.se! We will cut your order to the millimetre. View our product range and start your new job!

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