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Pellos Floor sheets are well suited to versatile use. The boards are sturdy and can be easily processed. You can buy Pellos Floor for decorative applications, but also for constructive purposes. Do you want to start a new project and do you want to buy cut-to-size Pellos Floor? Then TOSIZE.se is the right place for you. We have a wide range of board materials and ensure that your order is ready for you quickly, fully sawn to size, just as you want it.

What does Pellos Floor consist of?

Pellos Floor boards are made from spruce veneers. Pellos Floor boards can be used in both damp and dry conditions. In addition, it can be used for practical purposes such as a subfloor, but the material is also excellent for decorative use. This is mainly because Pellos Floor is very stable and flat. This means that processing the boards is also very easy. You can order Pellos Floor for the most diverse projects. The high quality helps you create an end product you can be proud of.

What is Pellos Floor used for?

Pellos Floor is a board material that can really be used for a wide variety of projects. Because the boards are made from spruce veneers, they are very sturdy and beautiful to look at. For example, the sheets are often used for roofs and floors. The Pellos Floor panels are well suited for this, as they have a completely flat surface. The optimal stability really makes it complete. Do you want to buy Pellos Floor for decorative applications? Then of course there are endless possibilities. The spruce veneers provide a beautiful appearance that suits various interior styles.

Pellos Floor or other construction boards?

Is it better to buy Pellos Floor or to opt for working with other construction boards, such as Pellos Floor? Ultimately, Pellos Floor slabs offer many important advantages. The sheets are very easy to process and the assembly time can be significantly shortened because the sheet is optimally flat. In addition, Pellos Floor is also less expensive than many plywood variants.

Pellos Floor sheets have many important advantages to offer. The sheets are stable and flat, making them suitable for various applications. The boards are very quick to install and are sanded and sealed on the front. If you are looking for an underlayment of optimal Finnish quality, Pellos Floor is certainly a good choice. The boards have an exterior-1 bonding and are used both decoratively and constructively. At TOSIZE.se you can order Pellos Floor in various thicknesses, so you always have the right variant of Pellos Floor.

Pellos Floor is PEFC certified wood

Sustainability is, of course, very important these days. For more and more people, sustainability also plays a role when making a choice from a wide range of wood species. You can buy Pellos Floor if you want to choose a responsible type of wood. This is because there is a PEFC certification. This means that the wood for the Pellos Floor boards comes from forests that are managed sustainably. At TOSIZE.se, we also pay great attention to caring for the earth, for people and animals, for good sustainability. That is why we think it is important to offer approved wood. Of course, there are several certifications. For example, we also have the FSC quality mark, which you will often find in our collection of board materials.

Finishing Pellos Floor

Pellos Floor sheets are ideal for walls, floors and ceilings. In addition, they are increasingly used for making furniture. The appearance certainly allows this. However, pay attention to the side that is in sight. The Pellos Floor slabs have one side that is of a nicer quality than the other. Do you want to use the Pellos Floor slabs in a damp room or environment? Then it is advisable to use an edge sealer to finish the edges. This prevents moisture from negatively affecting the quality of the Pellos Floor slabs.

Buy cut-to-size Pellos Floor

Would you like to order Pellos Floor, but don't want to saw the boards to size yourself? Then we have good news for you! When you order your Pellos Floor panels from us and tell us the dimensions you need, we will cut the panels to the millimetre. This is a service we always offer you, whether your order is large or small. Pellos Floor is called Underlayment fins vuren in our product range, which is also a common name for this material alongside Pellos Floor. When it's ready, we'll send it to the address you provide!

Order your customised Pellos Floor from TOSIZE.se! We will cut your order to the millimetre. We can do this in various shapes and we can even finish the edges for you. Take a look at our product range and start your new job!

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