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Plywood sheets are widely used, for example, to make your own furniture. The reason for this is quite simple. Plywood sheets are of high quality, making them extremely durable. You can use plywood for all sorts of things and projects. Of course it is a lot easier if the plywood is already cut to size when you start working with it. That's what TOSIZE.se} is happy to do. You can buy plywood from us that we will cut to the right size for you.

Birch plywood is the most widely sold

You can buy different kinds of plywood. Of all the available variants, Plywood Birch is the most popular. This is mainly due to the fact that birch wood is considerably harder than poplar wood. In addition, the grain is much more pronounced in Birch plywood. It is the grain that often creates the unique atmosphere of the final piece of furniture, which makes it easier to choose Birch plywood.

What can you make of plywood?

Plywood can be used to make the most varied things. It is often used to make a work surface or a counter top, but plywood is also an excellent choice for making television cabinets, cupboards and kitchen fronts. The plywood sheets can even be used to make a wall, so that you can easily create two spaces from one. In fact there are very few things you cannot make with plywood, especially as the plywood sheets are structurally strong and there are many variants.

The beautiful appearance of plywood panels

You can order Plywood for any project. Why are plywood panels chosen for so many projects? This is easy to explain. Apart from the fact that plywood is extremely strong and durable, the wood is also beautiful to look at. The plywood panels consist of multiple layers of wood veneer glued together in a crosswise fashion. These layers are clearly visible at the ends of the plywood sheets and this is what gives the plywood sheets their beautiful appearance. When you choose Plywood Birch, more layers are visible than when you choose poplar plywood. This makes the birch plywood panels of course also a lot stronger.

Cutting plywood to size

You can of course buy Plywood and saw it to size yourself. It is important to look closely at the grain, which is clearly visible in the case of plywood. The grain of plywood is always in the longitudinal direction. It is therefore important to use this direction for the length measurement. At TOSIZE.se you can also order plywood which has already been made to measure for your project. We will make sure that the plywood is cut to size, with the grain running in the right direction. Of course we need information about what exactly you need for your project. You can easily fill in the dimensions online when ordering the plywood.

At TOSIZE.se you can buy plywood in basic form. We deliver the plywood sheets in the required sizes, so that you can start working with them right away at home, for example to make kitchen fronts or a worktop. You can imagine that you will want to edit the plywood sheets to achieve the desired look. Does the natural plywood look good in your interior? Then it is advisable to use a stain, varnish or oil in a transparent version. Do you want to give it a colour? Then you can use stain, varnish or oil in the desired colour. The grain of the plywood remains visible.

Good handling of plywood is important

Do you want to keep the natural look of Plywood? Then it is important to use a transparent stain, varnish or oil. It is not advisable to just not treat the plywood panels at all. You want to enjoy the beautiful look of the end result for as long as possible. To achieve this it is important to avoid negative effects of moisture and temperature differences. You do this by treating the plywood panels. It is wise to also pay attention to the ends, so that these become moisture resistant as well. You can easily do this by using an edge sealer. Especially if you want to use the plywood panels in areas where stains easily occur or where it is humid, such as in the kitchen or bathroom, a good treatment is really necessary.

Order plywood online at TOSIZE.se

You can easily buy Plywood online in our web shop. Give us the dimensions you need and we will make sure that the plywood sheets are sawn precisely to size for you. You can buy various types of plywood from our range. Do you have any questions about the possibilities or do you need more information and advice? Please contact us without any obligations. We will be pleased to tell you more about our high-quality plywood panels.

Order your made-to-measure plywood at TOSIZE.se! We will cut your order to the millimetre. We can do this in different shapes and we can even finish the edges for you. Take a look at our product range and start your new job!

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