• Ordering customised MDF boards online

Ordering customised MDF boards online

MDF is a widely used sheet material that can be used for a variety of projects. You can buy various types of MDF, such as MDF Black, MDF Paintable, MDF Damp-proof and MDF Clear. Do you want to order MDF online? Then you can do this very cheaply at TOSIZE.se. We not only ensure that your order is processed quickly, but we can also immediately cut the MDF to size for you. Simply provide us with the required dimensions and we will get to work for you.

MDF is a fibreboard

MDF is a board material that belongs to the category of fibreboards. Fibreboards are boards that consist of wood fibres. These wood fibres are compressed under high pressure, after which a solid MDF board is created. This immediately provides one of the most important advantages of MDF boards. Because they consist of compressed wood fibres, they are very easy to process. This makes the MDF boards suitable for use in the most diverse projects.

What can you use MDF for?

MDF can be used for the most diverse projects. Do you want to use the MDF boards to make furniture, for example? Then the blank MDF boards are an excellent choice. Thelacquer-bearing boards are ideal if you want to use the boards indoors and immediately repaint them in a colour that suits your interior. Are you planning to make something for the kitchen or for the bathroom, for example? Then it is advisable to choose MDF Moisture Proof. Of course, you can make more than just furniture from MDF. Interior panelling and skirting boards, among other things, are often made of this material.

Using MDF indoors

MDF is available for indoor and outdoor use. It is important to make the right choices for both applications. The blank MDF boards, for example, are not suitable for outdoor use, but for indoor use they are the ideal choice. For clear MDF, it is important that there is sufficient ventilation. This ensures that the quality remains high for a long time. Therefore, clear MDF is less suitable for use in bathrooms, where it is often humid and where temperatures can often vary. For this, it is advisable to use ​​​​​​​ MDF Moisture Proof in order to retain the high quality. So for every project there is a suitable variant of MDF to order.

Simple machining of MDF

You can buy MDF for use in the kitchen, for applications in the living room or, for example, to make something more practical for your workplace. You can order MDF for all kinds of projects. Because MDF is very easy to process, you can really do anything with it.

Buy MDF and repaint

Would you like to buy MDF and paint it directly in the desired colour or colours? This is certainly possible. In this case, it is best to choose the​​​​​​​ MDF lacquer-bearing boards. These can be painted directly, without pretreatment. However, it is important to take into account that the ends of the MDF boards are absorbent. For a beautiful result, pre-treatment of the ends is recommended. You can do this with an edge sealer.

Advantages and disadvantages of MDF

Buying MDF is very cheap at TOSIZE.se. You can order various types of MDF from us. The MDF boards have important advantages, such as good machinability, high breaking point and excellent bending strength. On the other hand, MDF is not suitable for heavy structural applications, because MDF will bend under long-term loading. In addition, standard MDF,​​​​​​​ MDF Natural, is not suitable for use in humid areas or outdoors. However, variants have been developed for this, such as MDF Moisture Proof, MDF exterior and MDF Tricoya.

Buying MDF in the right dimensions

You can buy MDF boards in various dimensions. You also have more than enough choice when it comes to the thickness of the MDF boards. You can order MDF from TOSIZE.se You can order MDF in the dimensions and thickness you require. Enter your requirements online and we will ensure that the MDF boards are cut to size for you. We do this accurately, so you are always sure of the correct dimensions.

Ordering MDF online

You can order MDF directly online at an attractive price. You will find the various possibilities within our wide range. Do you want to buy MDF, but are you not sure whether this is really the right choice? Or would you like to order MrDF, but need help making the right choice from our online range? Then please contact us, without obligation.


Order your customised MDF from TOSIZE.se! We will cut your order to the millimetre. We can do this in different shapes and we can even finish the edges for you. Take a look at our product range and start your new job!

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