• Ordering underlayment online to measure

Ordering underlayment online to measure

Underlayment is an American product that is also increasingly being used in the Netherlands. The great advantage of Underlayment is that it is easy and quick to create a beautiful, even whole with Underlayment sheets. Do you want to buy Underlayment for one of your projects, business or private? Then you can order underlayment at TOSIZE.se Underlayment that we will cut to size for you. The underlayment we sell is Underlayment Fins Vuren, which is also called Pellos Floor.

What exactly is underlayment?

Underlayment sheets are very similar to plywood sheets. The panel material consists of veneer sheets. These veneer sheets, always in an odd number, are glued together in a crosswise fashion. This ensures that Underlayment hardly works. Underlayment sheets also do not warp easily.

Various types of underlayment

The Underlayment sheets used by professionals often have a thickness of 18 mm, but there are more possibilities. Underlayment sheets are not standard. They are produced in different ways, which ultimately leads to different end results. For example, the number of veneer layers may vary and other wood species may be used in the production of Underlayment. In addition, there are different layer thicknesses and several types of glue can be used during the production process. Ultimately, due to the many possibilities within the production process of Underlayment, many different types of Underlayment are realised that are suitable for various applications by companies and individuals.

Buy underlayment from various countries

Underlayment is a sheet material that originated in the United States, but of course more countries have started to produce it. Therefore, you can buy underlayment from various production countries and there are also differences in this. Underlayment sheets that are made from pine often come from Sweden and Finland. These variants have thinner veneer layers than average. It is often thought that the underlayment sheets are less sturdy, but the opposite is true. Thinner layers make for stronger boards.

Underlayment in the interior

You can order Underlayment to be used as a subfloor. This is an application that is very common, especially because of the good qualities of the material. It is easy to create a very strong and durable underlayment. However, we are also seeing Underlayment in other applications more and more often. The natural look of the plate material ensures that Underlayment is also well suited for making furniture, worktops and other interior applications. Of course, the plate material can be treated to match the rest of the interior. Do you want to start a new project? Then you can order underlayment from us that we will cut to size beforehand, to the millimetre.

Buy underlayment at TOSIZE.se

Do you want to buy Underlayment, to use as underlayment or to start another project with? Then you can order your desired Underlayment sheets at TOSIZE.se. With us, you can buy underlayment at an attractive price, while we also guarantee you the best service. One very important service is of course that we saw everything precisely to size for you. You can pick up your order of underlayment at our office, but we can also deliver it to the desired location. Would you like to order underlayment now? Then look further in our assortment. Do you want to buy underlayment, but first you need more information or personal advice? Then contact us without obligation. We are happy to inform and advise you about underlayment.

Order your customised Underlayment from TOSIZE.se! We will cut your order to the millimetre. We can do this in different shapes and we can even finish the edges for you. Take a look at our product range and start your new job!

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