• OSB: strong customised construction board

OSB: strong customised construction board

OSB: strong customised construction board

Looking for a strong construction board for your job? Then order OSB from the online sawmill. We will saw your board material accurately to size free of charge. You only pay for the square metres that you actually need. We deliver your order within  working days.

The benefits of OSB

The most important feature of OSB boards is their constructional properties. The board consists of three cross-layered layers of compressed wood fibres. This makes OSB a strong board material and it can carry a lot of weight. OSB can be used for wall panelling and the construction of floors and lofts.

  • Suitable for load-bearing applications
  • Easy to saw
  • Very little chance of cracking or splitting
  • Strong board material

OSB natural

OSB naturel is a board material that can be used for various purposes. It can be used for load-bearing structures, but also for decorative applications. OSB natural is often used in the furniture industry and interior building because of its neutral colour. The board material can be used indoors and in a protected outdoor environment.

Have your OSB boards cut to size free of charge

Do you only want to pay for the square metres of OSB that you need? Then order your board material quickly and easily from the online sawmill. Use the filters to choose the right finish and thickness and fill in the required dimensions. We will saw your OSB accurately and free of charge. Your order is delivered within  working days.

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