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Product information

  • Waterproof and water resistant
  • Phenolic plywood does not require post-treatment+ Flat surface
  • Suitable for structural purposes
  • Due to scratch sensitivity less suitable for decorative purposes
  • The edges of the sheet and any drill holes must be adequately protected against the penetration of moisture
  • The top layer can vary in colour between sheets'


Phenolic plywood antislip: the name says it all. Where other types of phenolic plywood are very slippery, phenolic plywood antislip features a coarse layer on one side so that it does not easily become slippery. This sheet material is externally bonded. Ideal to use as a floor board for an animal pen, trailer or delivery van.

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Product properties

Specific gravity (kg/m3)710
Thickness9 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm, 21 mm, 24 mm
Type Phenolic Plywood
VariantPhenolic Plywood antislip
Application (climate)Outside, if pre-treated
Wood type of surface layerBirch
Functional useConstruction and lumber
ColourBeige / Brown
Glue typeWBP, Exterior
Sheet structureMultiple layers
Top layer typePhenolic coating
Top layer1 side

Order cut-to-size phenolic plywood antislip online

Phenolic Plywood can be the right choice for a diversity of projects. We offer various custom shapes and finishes to make your project a success. Phenolic plywood antislip can easily be ordered online via the product configurator. We saw or mill phenolic plywood antislip into rectangles, circles or an uneven size.

Phenolic plywood antislip: what is it?

Concrete plywood antislip consists of a birch plywood core with a special plastic epoxy layer (phenolic coating) at the top and bottom. Also called a film. With phenolic plywood antislip, this film is dark brown. Phenolic plywood antislip: the name says it all. With phenolic plywood antislip, the top is finished with an antislip structure. This antislip is also called phenolic plywood with a woven structure or phenolic plywood wire mesh. Where other types of phenolic plywood are very smooth, concrete plywood anti-slip has a coarse layer on one side. Ideal to use as a floor plate for an animal pen, trailer or delivery van. This structure is also called mesh wire or mesh structure. The backside has a smooth, dark brown film.

The hard top layer ensures that the sheet can be used for applications that require tougher materials. Good to know: the colour of the top layer can vary per sheet. The core of phenolic plywood antislip consists of cross-glued birch veneer layers which form a strong base for this sheet. The sheets bend minimally and are therefore very popular for use in trailers or bicycles.

Available thicknesses of phenolic plywood antislip

Various thicknesses of phenolic plywood antislip are available. The sheet material can be ordered in different sizes and in the following thicknesses: 9 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm, 21 mm and 24 mm.

Machining phenolic plywood antislip sheets

It is easy to process, and the layers are alternating. It is important to countersink the edges and (screw) holes of phenolic plywood (at least 2 mm) and to finish well with epoxy filler and an edge sealer. Do not over tighten lock bolts. The top layer requires no further post-treatment. Phenolic plywood can splinter during assembly. Use sharp tools and preferably screw at least 2.0 cm from the edges. When these sheets are used outdoors, it is important to treat the sheet edges with an edge sealer to protect the moisture-resistant properties.

Specific applications of phenolic plywood antislip

Phenolic Plywood anti-slip is characterised by its strength and moisture resistance. The material is suitable for damp indoor areas. Due to its dark brown appearance, this board can be easily applied in many places. Outdoor application is possible provided the edges are well cared for. Should you wish to reuse the material, this is no problem at all, as it can be used several times. The rough top layer on one side prevents slipping. Useful for a floor plate in a trailer or crawl space hatch, for example. But also think about cladding for a company car, furniture in industrial environments, playground equipment, but also the bottom of an animal cage can be made of Phenolic Plywood anti-slip!

Phenolic plywood falls into the category of structural sheets. The sheet material is strong and ideal for construction purposes.

Alternatives to phenolic plywood antislip sheets

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