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Minimum and maximum dimensions

The minimum and maximum dimensions depend on various factors.

Minimum dimensions

The minimum dimensions we can cut are 5.0 x 5.0 cm. For shapes other than a rectangle or square, the minimum dimensions may vary. You can find the specific dimensions in the configurator, but generally, at least one side must have a length of at least 25.0 cm. If the surface area is too small, the saw or cutter does not have enough grip to correctly process the item.

Even when choosing a finish, you may encounter different minimum dimensions. Here too, the reason is quality. This varies depending on the finish and can be found in the configurator for the specific product.

Maximum dimensions

The maximum dimensions depend on the available maximum sheet size and the maximum transport size. You can find the maximum sheet size with the product, in the product configurator. Additionally, we also take into account the maximum transport length directly. We can transport panels up to a maximum length of 305,0 cm.

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