Children's play corner finished with beautiful beech panels by Robbert

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Very easy

2 minutes

Robbert shares on this page his creative project of creating a children's play corner with beautiful beech panels. He provides helpful steps and tips for this DIY project. With his approach, Robbert has created a playful and safe play corner for his children. Follow his steps and create your children's play corner with the warm appearance of beech panels. A perfect space for endless fun.

Description by Robbert

A children's furniture in the play corner for our 1-year-old son. A corner to play in, but where toys can also be put away.

How I made this project

We used the IKEA toy box with bench (SMÅSTAD ). We ordered the leather handles online via Handles and More. Ordered all the woodwork via and pre-drew it in Sketchup. The playing surface in 2 parts, a short raised edge behind it to protect the wall for all racing cars and a back plate in the corner in the shape of a house that stands on the ground. The large worktop leans on the toy box, the small top rests on 2 supports that are blindly attached under the top against the house panel and side panel.

Dimensions of my DIY project

From the toy box to the wall is approximately 1.75 m and the angle from the house to the front view is approximately 90.0 cm.

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How next?

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