Design the most beautiful wardrobe yourself! This way you create a wardrobe that fits perfectly in the space and with your interior. Of course, you can make your own DIY wardrobe with hout that is cut to size. What kind of wardrobe are you going to make? 

Create a wardrobe with a sliding door

Nowadays many bedroom wardrobes have sliding doors. Sliding doors are ideal for large wardrobes as they take up much less space than traditional doors. Large doors can certainly be tricky in the bedroom. Often, these doors can't open all the way because the bed or other furniture would get in the way. There are several ways to add a sliding door to a wardrobe. You can build a sliding door into a wardrobe, but you can also place a sliding door on the ceiling, for example. This way, you can place sliding doors over the entire height of the room, which gives a quieter look.

Open wardrobe

In addition to wardrobes with sliding doors, nowadays you also see more open wardrobes. These wardrobes are particularly seen in interiors where a small room is used as a wardrobe. Spacious open wardrobes give you a good overview of the clothes you have and also feel a lot less massive than a large wall of wardrobes. In smaller (studio) flats, you often see small open wardrobes. Closed wardrobes can look quite massive in a smaller space. An open wardrobe gives a bit more peace and quiet. 

How are you going to make your wardrobe? Get inspired by our projects below and get to work!