Custom-made oak paneled wardrobe by Markus

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2 minutes

Marcus wanted to create a timeless look for the niche in the hall. To do this, he used cut oak panel material. This enabled him to create a stable niche for the cupboard. So you see, one detail can create a completely different niche!

Description from Markus

For a small hallway of just over 2 sq. m, a wardrobe with a timeless look was to be created in a niche. The available space should be used as well as possible and offer plenty of additional storage space.

Description of work: How did you realize your project?

The niche is 204.0 cm wide and 247.0 cm high, the back wall is made of double plasterboard. In order to make optimal use of the width and not overload the wall with the hanging construction, the lightweight Platz series from IKEA with a depth of 40.0 cm is ideal for the body. To increase stability, the entire construction also rests on a base plate with two oak legs. After the doors, drawers and fittings were installed, the wardrobe niche was covered with three custom-made oak shelves. The shelves were attached invisibly with screw bushings and the wood was oiled. The last step was to attach the wardrobe, which was made by the blacksmith and painted white.

Final size: What are the external dimensions?

204.0 cm × 240.0 cm × 40.0 cm

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