Washing machine casing

The washing machine is often not an addition to your interior. Especially if your washing machine is in the bathroom or in a hobby room. That is why it is very popular to build a DIY washing machine casing. This way, you hide your washing machine, reduce the noise of the washing machine and you can use it for other purposes as well! What kind of washing machine conversion do you make?

Create your own washing machine cover

Making your own tailor-made washing machine casing is one of the easier jobs. Because the washing machine is a large cube, you don't have to bother with complicated measurements, but you can simply measure everything. If we saw the wood to size for you, then you only have to worry about the finishing and assembly! If your washing machine is in a separate room that you also use for other things, it is handy to make a worktable out of the casing, so you don't only work away the washing machine, but you also have more practical working space where you can do other things.

Create a washing machine compartment with a door

To hide the washing machine completely, some people put a door in the cabinet. It is recommended to keep the back of the cabinet open. This way heat and moisture can still escape and both the washing machine and the cabinet will last longer. Another good option is to place a curtain instead of a door. A curtain is easier to open and close and it is therefore also easier to load and unload laundry. A curtain does isolate the sound of the washing machine less, a door is a better option if sound isolation is a higher priority for you.

How are you going to build your washing machine conversion? Get inspired by our projects below and get to work!