Window sill

Does your window sill need replacing or does your new house not have any window sills yet? Then make your own window sills! Making your own window sills is not a difficult job and by doing it yourself you can finish your window sill to your liking. To get you started we have collected a number of DIY projects that involve making a customised windowsill. Be inspired and make your own window sill.

Wooden windowsill

Many window sills are made of hout. Not often solid wood, but often fibreboard. Fibreboard, such as MDF and Chipboard, is made by gluing together small wood fibres and then pressing them into a board. So why is this material so popular for making window sills? Because fibreboards do not warp under changing temperatures. The window sill can be exposed to a lot of cold from outside and a lot of heat from inside. Solid wood will work under those conditions and then you have a chance of the wood warping. DIY window sills made from solid wood therefore have a chance of warping. If you treat the wood well, you can prevent this, but many people choose MDF for convenience.

Made to measure window sills

Window sills are often made to the size of the window. Because no two windows are exactly the same, you cannot buy a ready-made window sill. The material must first be sawn to size and then often also be finished. If you cut the material to size you can choose exactly what you want your windowsill to look like, especially if you want to finish the material.

What kind of windowsill will you make? Be inspired by our projects below and get to work!