A nice workplace is important! Whether it's a (temporary) home office or a place where you can enjoy doing odd jobs or hobbies, a good work table is perhaps the most essential part. But what is a good work table? Unfortunately, there is no fixed answer to that. What makes a good work table depends on the space and what the table is used for. That's why a DIY workbench is such a good idea! A self-made work table can be made entirely according to your wishes and intended use.

Make a worktable

If you are going to make a do-it-yourself work table, the worktop is the most essential part of the project. For a hobby room you need a completely different worktop than for a home office. For a hobby room you prefer a sturdy and scratch-resistant surface, whereas for a home office you prefer something that suits your taste. For example, a worktop for a hobby room can be made from betonplex, while for a home office you would rather use ​​​​​​​MDF, multiplex or a massief wooden board.

Making a home office

The home office made-to-measure has recently increased in popularity. Many companies are adapting their corporate culture to make working from home possible. However, due to the corona pandemic, this development has been accelerated. For many people, a home office has therefore become an essential part of their working life. A desk or work table is an essential part of this. Because every home office differs in space and possibilities, it is a good idea to customise your work table. This ensures that you can use your home office in the most efficient way. It is also important that you buy the right legs for your work table. People often sit at their desks, but nowadays working in a standing position has become more common. A stand that you can use both standing and sitting is therefore a good idea.

Create a folding or mobile work table

There is not enough room for a fixed work table in every interior. That's why it's nice if you can hide your work table when you're not using it anymore. A DIY foldable or mobile work table is an ideal solution for this. A foldable work table is mounted to the wall with hinges so that you can easily close it when not in use. A mobile work table can be put away when you don't use it, but you can also move it when you need a work table in another room for example.

How will you make your work table? Get inspired by our projects below and get to work!