DIY Oak Desk With Aku Panel Finish, by Daniel

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Create your own oak desk with stylish Akupanel finish

Are you looking for a way to enrich your home workplace or study room with a unique desk that combines style and functionality? Discover how Daniel did this with a self-made desk made from an oak carpentry panel and an Akupanel finish.

Construction and design of the desk

The piece of furniture has been carefully designed to fit exactly within a slanted roof. Supported by sturdy wooden beams, which have been pre-cut to size by, the sturdy oak worktop provides a surface for all your work. The finish with vertical Akupanel wooden slats not only gives the desk an aesthetic upgrade, but also contributes to improved acoustics in the room.

The advantages of a self-made desk

Thanks to the possibility to fully tailor the dimensions to your personal needs, a self-made desk fits well with your space and style preferences. Daniel chose to use the service to have the oak panel sawn to size, resulting in a suitable work surface. A custom creation like this not only allows you to keep costs low, but also gives you the freedom to choose materials and finishes yourself, making the end result unique.

Refined style of the finished desk

This desk radiates a minimalist, yet warm, Scandinavian style. The combination of the rich wood structure with the modern Akupanel accents makes it a focal point in the room without being overwhelming.

Benefits of the type of wood used

Daniel's choice for Oak Timber Panel B/ C 19mm was not an easy decision. Oak wood is known for its durability. Oak joinery panel provides a robust surface that can take a beating, making it ideal for a desk that sees daily use. In addition, the warm tone of the oak wood makes an important contribution to the appearance of the desk, making it a real asset to your interior.

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