Making a DIY trolley: multifunctional rolling tables with plenty of storage space, by Collin

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I have made 2 compact rolling tables so that I have a comfortable work surface and many tools within reach during DIY and hobby work at home. The 2 rolling tables can also be linked or used as trestles under a large worktop.

Make your own rolling table

I was looking for two compact and mobile work tables with maximum storage space. The dimensions I wanted were not available as standard, so I made a custom design myself.

For a neat and sleek look, I made everything from . I glued and screwed the connections using 'pocket holes'. and are therefore virtually invisible.

The wood will be treated with a protective oil to minimize the formation of stains.

Custom rolling table

p>The rolling tables are 88.0cm high, so you can work on them comfortably while standing. Each worktop is 64.0x40.0cm.

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