A homemade built-in cupboard with LED lighting made of primed MDF, by Koen

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Making a built-in wardrobe yourself is a great project. And make it easy for yourself by ordering the sawing work online, just like Koen. He opted for primed MDF and turned it into a beautiful large built-in cupboard. In this DIY project he tells more about his approach to making a custom built-in wardrobe.

Description by Koen

A built-in wardrobe with sliding doors in a guide rail. The cabinet contains recessed lighting with an LED strip that is switched on when the door is opened. The cabinet contains 6 push-to-open soft close drawers.

How I made this project

- Sanding and sealing all ends of the MDF panels
- Applying primer to unprimed MDF surfaces
- Coating all PDF panels twice on both sides, that is a total of 160 square meters
- Assembling the drawers
- Assembling the cabinet
- Installing the sensors and LED strip
- Placing all shelves and drawers
- Assembling the guide rail
- Applying fittings to the sliding doors
- Finishing such as sealants, painting again and wallpapering the doors

Dimensions of my DIY project

230.0 cm x 230.0 cm x 70.0 cm

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How next?

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