Custom wardrobe with pine carpentry panels, by Robin

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2 minutes


Wide wardrobe made of solid pine wood (28mm for vertical parts, 18mm for horizontal parts) with 4 open shelves, 2 clothes rails (94.0cm) and 7 wide handleless drawers. The cabinet consists of 3 parts: two identical parts with 2 shelves each, 2 drawers and a rod, and a lower third part with only 3 drawers.

These wide drawers have an inner dimension of 90.0 cm. 54.0cm and are 19cm high.

Because the cabinet is deeper at the bottom than at the top, the cabinet seems smaller, while the drawers at the bottom are very spacious.

Country-style wardrobe to size

- Have the wood cut to size by
- Lightly sand.
- Lacquer twice with Rambo Armor Lacquer Interior Pure Oak (0803).
- Drill holes at the bottom of the shelves for the shelf supports with a Forstner drill.
- Mount shelf supports and drawer guides to the uprights.
- Install drawers:
> Milling slots in the side walls with a router; This is where the bottom plate of the drawer falls (see detail photo).
> Place the base plate (12mm poplar plywood) between the side walls using the milled slots.
> Attaching the drawer fronts and back walls to the side walls with 6mm dowels (with wood glue).
> Attach the reinforcement beam between the front and the bottom plate.
> Attaching the drawer guide couplings to the drawers.
- Assembling the cabinet: Place rods and shelves between the uprights.
- Place drawers in the drawer guides.

The dimensions of the project

209.0×70.0×220.0 cm(l×w×h)
3 segments of 94.0 cm wide

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